Manufacturing Beauty Essay

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Manufacturing Beauty

At first glance of Cindy Jackson’s website, her only goal seems to be to try and make money. Most of her website is about selling her line of cosmetics and beauty aids along selling with her plastic surgery advice. Upon a more in depth analysis, my personal opinion is that Cindy Jackson has some serious self-image issues.

After so many operations, she has come to believe that beauty is on the outside, and she looks for any way necessary to achieve the look of her ideal, an imaginary person. The flaws that she sees in herself causes her self-esteem to be unusually low to almost non-existent; this combination of low self-esteem and unrealistic ideal leads to her wanting more of a Barbie doll look, further compounding her lack of self-esteem. With all of the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone, Cindy Jackson has presented herself as a success story and is helping to advertise cosmetic procedures that help enhance a person’s physical beauty.

Throughout the world, people are influenced by the physical attractiveness of an individual. A person’s physical attractiveness is determined by genetics, physical, and non-physical factors. In Cindy Jackson’s case, the physical attractiveness stereotype has been working in favor as she has progressed in her modeling and publicity career. She looks to continually improve her physical attractiveness by constant body modifications. Because she appears to be young and beautiful, she has caught the attention of media and people who admire her personal appearance, primarily received through a plethora of cosmetic surgeries. As the saying goes, physical attractiveness is only skin-deep, but looks themselves can be deceiving.

As was stated earlier, she clearly uses the mass media to self-promote her books and her cosmetics line. In performing a basic search for advice, one of the main links given is to her website. I will admit, given that she has gone through so many procedures in the past twenty-five years, she does offer some insightful advice. Her book alone covers many cosmetic surgery topics in detail and shares advice on seeking better surgery options. The story of her transformation from an ordinary farm girl to a world class model can be used as a motivational tool for other individuals, especially women who want to know the variety of options for achieving physical beauty that are present today, including cosmetic surgeries and procedures. As can be seen from the quotes and verdicts of well-known professors, authors, and other media figures about Cindy Jackson’s life story, it should be no surprise that her story is seen in a positive light.

The manufacturing beauty theme can be considered a commercial where illusion is mixed with obsession in order to attained perfection and deny aging. People will forget that growth, development, and aging are all part of the normal life process. Instead of interrupting this natural process, they can achieve many of the same results by making healthy life style choices, such as a balanced, properly portioned, natural diet, regular exercise, and consistent reduction/ minimization of stress. When compared to the risks involved in many of the cosmetic procedures, one can state that medical ethics and principles of true health are pushed beyond their limits when extreme cosmetic make-overs, such as Cindy Jackson’s, are performed.

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