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Man’s Inhumanity to Man Essay


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Through the sands of time…the written word has changed the course of history, inspired many to fight for their beliefs and most importantly…elevated mankind to a higher understanding of mans inhumanity to mankind.

David Lawrence Dewey

Inhumanity, it is a single word, known throughout history that has caused much destruction & trauma. The tearing apart of families, the ruins of cultures, races and countries. Some people have a vaulting ambition for power, but they misuse that authority. Man’s inhumanity to man doesn’t just happen, there are reasons, set apart from differences in appearance, culture, or even where they originate from.

In World War 2, Hitler has invaded Poland and anyone who did not fit the criteria of “a perfect arian race”, specifically in Schindler’s Ark, the Jews in this case are set apart from the rest of humanity. The way that they are treated is improper. Why treat people in that brutal way. They are still human.

The vicious behaviour that the Germans show towards the Jews is inhuman, even to the point of severally murdering them. They were completely stripped of everything, They were treated as scum, the dirt beneath their feet. Completely different to them as if they were from another world.

The Jews didn’t have any threat to anyone. They were simple people living among society just like everyone else. Maybe they looked slightly different, or spoke a different language to the Polish people. But that doesn’t mean they should be torn apart from their homes and families. Every ounce of humanity stripped, even hair in all places on them. But thats all what Hitler wanted.

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