Man’s constant questions and initiatives Essay

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Man’s constant questions and initiatives

Man’s constant questions and initiatives to answer these have constantly helped us understand the changes happening in our environment. This opens up new opportunities for validation and testing that can make the initiative feasible and acceptable by everyone. This seems to be valuable in any scientific endeavor. In the end, the use of experimentation and other models of testing can help generate the validity of a particular idea. Looking at the collaborative work in understanding and detecting living cells in atmospheric samples, it can be seen here that the proponents wanted to test out whether living organisms came from outer space.

Seeing this, it can be argued that their analysis has merit since they are trying to test out and experiment whether the idea of living organisms come from space and transported to Earth with the aide of comets and asteroids. One reason that this idea holds merit is the fact that there had been previous experiments and studies which sought to find and extract particles that contain such elements. These tests have been adequately cited by the authors in the document. Likewise, prior to their extraction and analysis, there have been several attempts to do these things which started since 1960’s.

This then allowed the current writers to further explore the possibilities available. Another reason that this analysis has merit is that it uses several scientific apparatus and techniques to actively decipher the needed areas. From the extraction process towards the interpretation of data, it can be seen that it uses numerous scientific models designed to fully understand and appreciate the relevance of such towards generating and proving their hypothesis that indeed comets provide living organisms from space. In the end, the experiment proved that there are indeed organisms that reside in comets and transferred into the Earth’s atmosphere.

By equally understanding this process, it can help generate answers to the development of life here in the planet. In my own perspective, I feel that the most successful species on Earth are human beings. This argument does not revolve around the numerical value or on the years of existence. Rather, I seek to argue that humans are the most adaptive when it comes to development and expansion. With this characteristic and trait, it has helped each one of us transcend the challenges of the period and actively adjust to suit our individual needs and preferences.

One reason that humans are considered the most successful species on Earth is their ability to adjust to the conditions of the environment. This can be proven throughout history when man had continuously sought to find improvements and changes in society and nature. By doing this, man gained better appreciation about the things that are happening and sought to create an avenue for existing and living. Another reason why such argument is made is the improvements man has created in the different fields of study.

This ability has led man to create practices that are complex and sophisticated just to acquire information and understanding of things. This again opens up the potential of maximizing the available resources and integrates it towards the changing needs of the period. The last reason involves the capability of man to decipher new ways wherein it can improve. Though the existence of man can be considered to be young compared to other species who had inhabited the Earth, it can be argued though that we are the ones who had made the most improvements in the last 10,000 years.

From the traditional use of flint and sedentary patterns, we now have evolved towards a complex society that is aided by technology and other fields. Our dynamic attitude and ability to discern questions has enabled us to dominate our species and become masters of this world. References CF, AC (2003) The detection of living cells in stratospheric samples. Retrieved May 28, 2009 from, http://www. astrobiology. cf. ac. uk/spie. html

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