Mankind is nah island Essay

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Mankind is nah island

The dynamic concept, belonging, is highly influenced by social marginalisation as individuals develop a sense of displacement amongst the dominant culture. Vangenderon’s, ‘Mankind Is No Island’, utilises film techniques, mise-en-scene and literary devices to explore the intangible concept of belonging. A sense of affiliation is established through the absence of belonging amongst the subjects of homelessness in two iconic cities, New York and Sydney.

All representation is subjective and incomplete. It allows us to understand an issue from a range of perspectives. The consideration of a variety of perspectives is necessary to developing a genuine understanding of an issue. Language is used to articulate, our particular perspective on an issue. The productive tension between the texts we have studied demonstrate how conflicting perspectives allow audiences to fully understand the complexity of representations. Appreciating that no single perspective contains the ‘truth’ allows us to value the unique contribution of each perspective.

When preparing drafts:
– Start with an idea that allows for growth in multiple directions – Choose one of those paths & stick to it
– Allow yourself to end an idea then start again with new direction.

Drafting strategies
– Rewrite sections of your story that seem to be wasted.
– Have a list of multiple next ‘moves’ to choose from
– When stuck do some research of the topic
– Work on the structure of the story.

– Answer the question -> INDICATE 2 ISSUES
– Elaborate stance – outline issues further.
– Clarify stance if you have made an overall assessment i.e. the effectiveness of Australian legal system. – Link back to question, reiterate stance/direction
Note: Maximum clarity

Body 1* – Issue #1 Legal Response.
Body 2 – Issue #1 Non-legal response.
Body 3 – Issue #2 Legal Response.
Body 4 – Issue #2 Non-legal response.

* Topic sentence: Introduce focus of paragraph [your point]
– Elaborate, clarify
– Discuss example – legislatiom, stas, cases, keywords, key terminolotiy, quotes, related to this topic – Evaluation – reiterate what this evidence proves
– Link – > main argument.

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