Manifest Destiny Essay

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Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny was a big plus to those who had very little, or nothing at all and sought to begin a new life. It was a movement to the west where there was more land. Manifest destiny played a big role in which it affected the domestic and foreign policies of the nation, which brought many negativity and a few positive things.

Manifest Destiny began when the Indian Removal Act was established. As the people began to expand various lands was already possessed by Native Americans. The Native Americans saw them as obstacles instead of people, which caused the Indian Removal Act to force Native Americans to move west of the Mississippi. If they ever refused to move, they either had a choice to become citizens of the nation and live as the white settlers do, or be forced out. A war broke out between the two American people, the white settlers had won the arguments in the end. The conclusion affected the domestic policies in the United States, for the reason that the Native Americans were not in good terms with the white settlers.

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California was the major destination for Americans, because it interested them due to its location. The United States thought that the more land you had, the more power was gained. As a result, the population of Americans to Mexicans in California was ten to one. This affected the foreign policies between the two. The Mexican government decided to ban any more Americans from entering Mexican territory as a preventative measure. The Mexican government was planning to gain a bigger population, but never to lose land. Americans were not okay with the restriction, therefore they planned on getting what they wanted and that was California. The people kept moving west even with restrictions.

After the California issue, came the Mexican American war. In 1845, Texas was annexed while ignoring the Missouri compromise along with the nation changing again its policy on free and slave states. Mexico began a dispute with the aim of a war as regards to the border of Texas from Mexico. America wanted more land for its expansion by which Manifest destiny claimed the largest piece of land was up to the Rio Grande. In the war, Mexico ended up losing, and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was established within America and Mexico. Mexico lost a excess of land, because in the treaty California, Utah, and Nevada, as well as parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado, were now a part of the United States. At the end of the war America won, although the foreign relationships with Mexico was also in risk.

Manifest destiny gave the United States more land and power even though it affected the United States in negative ways. Manifest destiny toyed with the foreign and domestic policies of the nation. It all began with the Indian Removal Act, then turning into a bigger issue with the movement to California, and finally ending with the Texas annexing to the Union.

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