Manchester DBQ Essay

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Manchester DBQ

The Manchester during the course of the 19th century, which was the Industrial Revolution era, had experienced many side effects of the rapid growth, due to the Industrial Revolution. One of the reason was the huge increase of the population, therefore the human density got denser. Another reason was the exploitation of employers. One of the responses was the worsen of the sanitation and therefore diffusion of infectious disease. Another response was an emerge of the socialism. As the Document 1 shows that the city Manchester had industrialized dramatically, the population had grown hugely, which means the population density got higher. But in this city, according to Document 2, it is too crowded with smokes, and even buildings have no individuality that has no antiquity, beauty, holiness and all built by bricks. Also by the rapid industrialization, the picture in Document 11 shows that air and atmosphere is getting polluted because of many smokes from the buildings and water pollution because of the contaminated water that is excreted from buildings.

Because of those negative factors, Document 6 is talking about the damage of the diseases that are caused by atmospheric impurities. The writer is saying that current health problem is very serious, and therefore Document 8 shows the data of human population change. It shows that in rural area, the average age of death is pretty high, but in industrial area, especially Manchester has really low death average age than other districts and areas. As the industrialization, employers had increased dramatically and therefore, their life and environment of work were very poor and they were exploited by capitalists also. This is well described in Document 7.

They had suffered physically and they had terrible and bad condition of working. They were supposed to twelve to fourteen hours every day in low ceilinged with deficient life supplies and undernourishment. Also, their working environment was polluted. They had breath dirty airs which is mixed with fivers of cotton, wool, flax, copper particles, lead, and iron. Even young kids were mobilized to the work and worked in bad condition, which is mentioned above. .They usually worked at coal mine, which was very dark, hot and had very low ceiling so they were supposed to crawl like a mole.

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