Managing Workforce Diversity

When we say diversity this refers to differences within the organization. This includes gender or sexual orientation, nationality, physical condition, family status, religious orientation and cultural differences or cultural background. An organization or a company may have diversities on their employees as well as the culture itself. Many companies have done so much effort to embrace diversity however; there are still some who are not given equal treatment or being valued because of being different. This is maybe because of the impression that, anyone who is perceived as different is likely to have a difficult time contributing to company goals and experiencing personal growth.

Most companies nowadays conduct diversity training to eliminate values, stereotypes and managerial practices that inhibit employees’ personal development and to allow employees to contribute to organizational goals regardless of being diversified. In managing diversity, involves creating an environment that allows all employees to contribute to organizational goals and experience personal growth. This environment includes access to job as well as fair and positive treatment to all employees.

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This is to provide an environment which allows employees to feel comfortable. This may require the company to change its culture to drive performance and enables employees in becoming a result oriented one.

Diversity can enhance the performance of the company when the organization itself has an environment which promotes learning from diversity. Success of an organization through diversity requires it to be viewed as an opportunity for employees to learn from each other how to better accomplish their work, to be provided with a supportive and cooperative organizational culture, and be taught leadership and process skills that can facilitate effective team functioning.

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Managing Diversity through Adherence to Legislation

Diversity can be managed through adhering to legislation. We have laws which protect people from discrimination either because of their diversity. Companies can definitely managed diversity by promoting or creating policies to protect the employees. In such cases, discrimination will be eliminated or abuse to such will be prevented. This will increase the morale of the employees knowing that they are being cared for. But at some point, if merely adhering to employment laws may result to frustration leading to minorities and women leave the organization. This is due to adhering only and lack of giving more opportunities to these minorities.

Managing Diversity through Diversity Training Program
Diversity training refers to training designed to change employee attitudes about diversity and/or to help employees develop skills needed to work with a diverse workforce. To successfully manage a diverse workforce, companies need to ensure that Employees understand how their values and stereotypes influence their behavior toward people of a different gender, ethnicity, race or religion Employees gain an appreciation of cultural differences among themselves. Behaviors that isolate or intimidate minority group members improve. Below are some Diversity Training Programs which a company may conduct. Attitude Awareness and Change Programs – focus on increasing employees’ awareness of differences in cultural and ethnic background, physical characteristics that influence behavior towards others.

Behavior-Based Programs – focus on changing the organizational policies and individual behaviors that inhibit employees’ personal growth and productivity. Cultural Immersion – refers to the process of sending employees directly into communities where they have to interact with persons from different cultures, races, and/or nationalities. Diversity exists and is very apparent whichever industry one may belong. What is most important is that everyone is given equal opportunities and is not being discriminated because of their minorities or being different. Policies should be observed to encourage and develop the skills of the employees. Diversity will allow company to grow if given importance as it may influence one from the other. For as long as the organization knows the ins and outs of the employees would best benefit the organization allowing personal growth and valuing once role in the organization.

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Managing Workforce Diversity

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