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Managing People Module Guide Essay

Essay Topic:

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Managing People

In an age of unprecedented competition where the focus of effort is frequently orientated towards measures of financial accountability those organisations who neglect or mismanage their human resources will ultimately suffer. Whilst short term financial considerations may dominate, the importance of managing people within the service industries is well documented.

This module is designed to help you develop as a non Human Resource specialist manager and give you an awareness and understanding of the issues surrounding the management of people.

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It is based on the premise that the effective management of people is a key determinant in organisational success.

Within the module you will explore the context of employment and current trends within your sector, including labour markets, motivation to work and employee diversity as well as specific Human Resource Management practices for example, Recruitment and selection, Performance management and Reward. The module will encourage you to develop competence in applying relevant theoretical principles to organisational contexts and enhance your knowledge and skills concerning the management of self and other in an organisational setting.

Module aims:

1. To investigate and understand the context of employment within your sector.

2. To develop knowledge of different issues and aspects of Human Resource Management as it is practiced within your sector.

3. To develop your awareness and skills in managing people.

4. To develop the ability to learn independently and in cross cultural teams.

5. To build oral and written communication skill appropriate to Masters Level study.

Module objectives: By the end of the module you will be able to:

1. critically appraise and evaluate the employment environment/the role of HRM within your sector; 2. reflect on and critically evaluate own skills in managing people; 3. research and evaluate current trends and issues in managing people within your sector; 4. consider the responsibility of the line manager in managing people and their role in operational HR issues; 5. critically reflect upon group/team working and peer appraisal systems; and 6. develop skills to enable effective cross cultural group work.


The approach to teaching and learning on this module is varied. You will find this module a little different to the others on the course as it is not run along the lines of ‘traditional’ lecture and seminar format. In this 11 week module:

There will be two hour sessions where everyone studying the module comes together. A variety of teaching methods will be used in these sessions including a limited amount of ‘lecture style’ work. These sessions will be interactive in nature and sometimes include large group exercises for which you will be asked to prepare in advance.

Students will be assigned to a role early on in the module; either group manager or group member. Managers will be expected to lead and manage the group members to achieve the first assessment task – the group led seminar session to include Problem Based Learning. There will be one hour sessions throughout the module for all the Group managers to attend as part of their role.

Students are expected to make an informed and considered contribution to discussion, debate and fully engage in activities, role plays or exercises. Effective verbal communication skills are basic tools of trade for professional employment and the experiences offered to you in this module will give you an ideal opportunity to refine these skills in a supportive environment.

Preparing work on your own and in groups outside of class will be important in developing seminar materials for student led work and core activities will need to be completed between classes. A number of the key activities associated with the module will be on the blackboard site so visit it regularly.

The module incorporates an additional learning and teaching approach known as ‘Problem Based Learning (PBL)’. The method allows students to learn by searching and exploring solutions to a given task or issue. This means you have a high degree of responsibility for your own learning by taking an active, task-orientated and self-directed approach towards your studies.

Study Time

A total of 36 hours of tutor contact time is allocated for this module. The module assumes a high level of individual, and group study by students outside of the classroom (approx 5/6 hours per week). To complete the module satisfactorily you will need to use this time to:

* Read handouts and essential reading.
* Prepare for lectures and seminars.
* Hold group meetings.
* Prepare for your group seminar.
* Research and write individual assignment.

Preparation for the group seminar should begin as early as possible. This will enable you to counter the problems of getting your group together for meetings and to overcome any difficulties you may encounter when researching your topic. You should also leave enough time for rehearsal.

Success in this module

Whilst, understandably, the marks you receive on this module are important to you, your success on this module will depend on how much effort you put in over the whole semester, in and outside of class. If you do this you should gain more than just good marks. You should learn a lot about yourself as a person, colleague and as a manager. You will create your own experiences and then try to understand them. A lot depends on you to get the most out of this module. You need to be highly motivated and committed to the opportunities offered and the challenges you will encounter. Specifically we expect you to:

* Turn up to all sessions having completed the required preparation/follow up work from the previous week.

* Work steadily through the essential reading and pursue additional sources independently.

* Engage fully in your group role working towards the first assessment activity * Follow the guidelines/timetable for assessment.

* Fully participate in the exercises that form the basis of the module.

* Raise any issues of concern with the teaching team before they become a problem * Practice self reflection

We will:

* Support and guide you as best we can, but not take responsibility for your learning.

* Sometimes challenge you to consider alternative angles/points of view.

* Regularly review progress with you.


* Take the exercises seriously – if you treat them as play or jokes you will not learn as much and inhibit others learning. Be open minded. * Contribute to the class with your experiences and preparation * Remember this is a safe environment to experiment and try new things. Your job/salary/promotion does not depend on it.

Module Workbooks

Throughout this module you will be asked to take part in many activities/self assessment exercises. Whilst interesting on their own the assessment will ask you to consider the managerial implications of many of these interrelated areas. It is a strong suggestion (though not a requirement of the module) that you keep a module journal. To help you do this you will find space in the back of your module workbook (Either Manager workbook or Employee workbook depending upon which role you are assigned in the module). Within this journal we suggest that week by week you note ideas and thoughts that come to you on the subjects under discussion, the exercises that you take part in etc.

For example: Do you agree with the outcomes of your self assessment activities? Why? Why not? How have you contributed to the group? – listening, conflict resolution, encouraging another colleague, been supportive of another, chairing a discussion, asking questions, expressing views, challenging assumptions. How/why have you been negative in your influence or not contributed? What particular aspects of the module can you relate to your previous workplace? What are your thoughts/feelings related to the different activities we engage in?

Module Blackboard site

This module has its own Blackboard site, you will find there:

* Lecture notes
* Assessment details
* Weekly exercises and preparation
* Readings

It is the responsibility of each student to regularly visit the Blackboard site to keep updated and complete the exercises needed for class.

Module Team Contact Details

The module team will discuss any aspect of the module during timetabled sessions, time permitting. Outside of scheduled times, the team may be contacted directly by telephone or email, see below for details. In addition the team will be available by appointment only, booked via the SHIP, at certain times throughout the week.

Tutor| Email|
Dr Emma Martin | [email protected] |
Anne Conneally| [email protected]|
Claire Holland| [email protected]|
Dr Ian Elsmore| [email protected]|

Module Programme

Date week commencing| TUESDAY 3-5PM THURSDAY 9-11AM| managment Meetings| Seminars | 1 –1st October| Introduction to the moduleIndividual Differences, Behaviour & Personality| | Employment in your sector| 2 – 8th Oct| Motivation & Management styles| | MTBI Group allocationIntroduction to Assignment 1| 3 – 15th Oct| Emotional Labour and the Psychological Contract| Management meeting 1| Group Profile analysis| 4 –22nd Oct| Learning, Training and Development| |

5 – 29th Oct | Group Work and Communication| Management meeting 2| | 6 – 5th November| Activity Week| Activity Week| Activity Week| 7 – 12th Nov| Cultural Differences Introduction to Assignment 2| | | 8 – 19th Nov| Introduction to Human Resource Management| Management meeting 3| Student Led Seminar 1| 9– 26th Nov| Recruitment and SelectionReward Management| | Student Led Seminar 2| 10 – 3rd Dec| Performance Management & Appraisal | Management meeting 4| Student Led Seminar 3| 11- 10th Dec| Performance Legislation& Reflection on Managing People | | Student Led Seminar 4| 12 – 17th Dec| Assignment drop in session| | Student Led Seminar 5|

The module will be assessed by two elements

All elements of the assessment must be submitted. To achieve a pass grade in this module you must obtain an aggregate mark of 40%.

Part One (40% of the final mark.) – Group Training Session
Process of Seminars
As a group, you will

* select a title
* research to increase your knowledge and understanding of subject
* plan your session
* involve each member of group in delivering a 1 hour session
* Embed your session in the sector of your course, Hospitality, Tourism or Events

Titles for Seminars

Design and deliver a training session that gives managers skills and techniques to ensure employees are motivated and engaged in the workplace

Design and deliver a session that assists managers with managing absence, and enhances their skills in dealing with poor behaviour in the workplace

Design and deliver a training session that helps managers develop their skills in recruitment and selection techniques

Design and deliver a training session for managers that raises their awareness of how to use reward management within the performance appraisal

Design and deliver a training session for managers to raise their awareness of managing stress and ensuring effective work life balance

As part of the assignment each group is required to produce an A4 information sheet for the seminar, this is to include key points and a further reading.

Hints for group assignment

* Plan and implement a 60 minute interactive training session
* No more than 8/10 slides if using PowerPoint
* Start by introducing your group (all members must help facilitate)
* Select the key areas you are going to cover & state these clearly in your introduction, outlining the structure of your seminar – not just the topics but activities too
* Summarise main points in a handout (max 2 sides A4) – seminar tutors will help to duplicate if you provide in advance of session
* Intersperse theory with activity

* Review learning from each activity
* Ensure your session is sector relevant – Hospitality, Tourism or Events dependent upon your course
* Use own experience, if relevant
* Include references and sources for further reading

* Think of an icebreaker to get the group involved within the first five minutes
* Include variety – work in groups, pairs etc
* Test learning and retention for example, by short quiz or other methods
* Develop your own sector case studies or problems to solve/scenarios * Use role play and get the audience involved, or to assess issues being addressed
* Be upbeat, lively and professional in your delivery
* We would expect this activity to take you a minimum of 6 group meetings

Peer appraisal

There will be two parts to Peer appraisal within this module:

1) Training evaluation. As part of working in a group/team environment the group you present to (the individuals involved in the session) will be part of the feedback and assessment process.

* The group will hand in feedback evaluation sheets at the end of each session. These will be given to presenting individuals for feedback. These evaluation sheets give helpful feedback to individuals and encourage the group to develop positive skills in giving both positive and constructive feedback. *

* 2) Performance Review. The presenting group will be able to assess the performance of group member in designing and delivering the session. This is a group assignment and subsequently it is important that all group members are fully engaged in the activity. Thus all group members will have the opportunity to appraise the individual performance of every group member, including themselves. This feedback will inform the marks for assignment.

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