Managing Networks Essay

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Managing Networks

Produce a report that justifies the need for network managers to undertake routine performance management activities. Please ensure that your justification for these activities relates to reasons of efficiency and how they affect the quality of the service provided. Activities could include (but are not restricted to)

1. Scheduled backup of data The reason why it is important to scheduled backups of data is because data to a business can be very important to them. This is why data should be backed up regularly to ensure data can recover easily also data in some business might change frequency so this is another reasons why it should be backup regularly.

The best time to perform a backup is when the network is at its lowest point of usage this is most probably when the business is closed. Because if you tried to back up the data when people are on the network it will degrade the speed in the network a lot and any data save while the backup is running will not be backed up.

2. Testing the integrity of data that is backed up The reason why testing the integrity of data that is backed up because the is no point in backing up your data and not knowing if the backup works. Because as time goes on any sort of backup material will start to break down and you don’t want to need the backup when it has not been tested and end up with it been broke.

Another reason why we have to test the integrity of data that is backed up is to check for any human errors because you don’t want to be recovering the data and find out your missing half the data that was needed because this could lead to losing important data that makes the business lose money.

3. User account maintenance (creating, deleting and applying login restrictions etc.) One of the reasons why we have User account maintenance is for security by making sure the user account have a force password change when first logging in to the account to make sure the user have a one of a kind password that only they know. But they will have a set limit to how many characters the accounts password can have or the minimum amount also how many times they can change the password.

Another point for user account maintenance is that being a loud to create documents in their own home area and know where else so the network isn’t cluttered with files. Also setting restriction on what can be deleted and installed is important because you don’t want someone to be able to install anything because it could have malicious software. And you don’t want people being able to delete anything they feel like because the will be important software that help the network to run.

4. Scanning for malware, spyware and viruses etc. The reason why the network manager would scan for malicious software is because lots of users on the network might not be power users for computer and might download software thinking it is okay and safe to download because of the name of the file for example R&Bclassics.exe which just by looking at the name doesn’t look right because of the file format. So I f the network was to have malicious software then it may cause the network to run very slow and cause problems for everyone else on the network because they won’t be able to function which mean losing money for the business.

Another problem why network manager scan for malicious software is if the network becomes infected people sensitive information on the network might become at risk of being seen be unauthorised people. Also the malicious software could lead to losing data that could be vital to the business making them lose money.

5. File and folder clean-up. The reason why network managers do file and folder clean-up is to help free space on the hard drives. Because they might be running a big network or a little network but not have a lot of hard drive space and if the hard drive becomes full people on the network won’t be able to save any data or any changes that they have made to the data mean they will lose the new data they are trying to save or the data that they have changed.

Another problem that may happen is that the might be programs on the network that don’t get used and would be taking up hard drive space also updates of software might leave the old version on the hard drive taking up space even though it being used.

6. Developing login scripts

It is important to have login scripts when you have to manage a wide network or even a small network because it will help to manage everyone login settings for example if they trouble seeing the screen when they login there screen might have larger fonts as a setting.

Also login scripts will help manage what restrictions are on the system for example a member of staff might be able to use more features for example add something to the back ground but a random users who maybe in college will only be able to make files on the home area.

Another thing login scripts help with is the mapping for the network home areas for example when a user login they will have their own home area like (W:) but maybe a new user might have a (Z:) home area.

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