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Managing Information System in Internet

Information system are too important to be left to computer specialists. Do you agree? Why or why not? I agree.


Emerging mobile digital platform enables computer specialists to communicate with colleagues, coordinate work, and provide assistance to colleagues when they encounter computer problem, which improves efficiency of computer specialists. Computer specialists can keep vital documents on cloud computer platform, and work at anywhere, which guarantees the enterprise information network system runs smoothly.


Computer specialists adopt online collaboration and social networking software to improve coordination, collaboration, which simplify the process of information collecting and knowledge sharing.

Computer specialists tackle computer problems by virtual meetings, which can save time and increase efficiency.


Teleworking makes computer specialists to work away from the traditional office, which gains momentum in the workplace. Computer specialists use social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and internal corporate social tools, which can deepen interactions with colleagues and leaders.

Management Issues you might encounter

Devise website development schedule

As far as I am concerned, developing a website schedule is the first step for setting up a website.

Firstly of all, I should prepare all of the hardware facilities for constructing the network server, which needs huge capital investment. Secondly, it is my duty to consider the framework of the website, a perfect framework construction would lay a solid foundation for the goal of promoting the website. Last but not least, collecting plenty of information is necessary, the website should be able to afford all the information for Disney World visitors whatever they want to learn.

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Devise website promotion strategies

When the website is constructed, I should make plans to promote the website. The purpose of setting up the website is to provide possible convenience and assistance for Disney World visitors. If no one knows the website, the website construction will make no sense. I need the assistance of a excellent team, who will formulate a series of scheme including advertising campaign to promote the website.

Devise technology strategy

Formulating the strategic objectives is necessary for the long-term development of website. We can provide high quality service to tourists through innovation, as a result, Disney will get high return on investment and creation of long-term competitive advantage.

Organization Issues

  1. Complete the website construction by assigning the tasks to each team within the stipulated time It is very important to set up a strict time plan. Building up a large-scale website needs every team to work together. Website construction is divided into a number of steps, every step should be strictly carried out in accordance with the plan. Mutual cooperation between the teams will guarantee the website be completed on time.
  2. Use social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, to publicize website As social networking platforms is becoming more and more popular, it is necessary for us rely on these platforms to popularize the website.
  3. Regularly update the website.

Update the information of the website regularly on these networking platforms will make the website to be widely known, and will finally attract more visitors to Disney.

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Managing Information System in Internet
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