Managing in Today’s Health Care Organizations Essay

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Managing in Today’s Health Care Organizations

Design and functionality of Upper Chesapeake Medical Center (UCMC) This memo contains a brief analysis of the welfare of Upper Chesapeake Medical Center (UCMC). The memo zooms in on the architecture and operation of the facility. It also elaborates an overview of the mechanism of UCMC. Upper Chesapeake Medical Center resides in Bel Air, Maryland in Harford County. The design of each room presents a relaxed, private and calm atmosphere for patients and visitors. In 2008, the facility opened its doors but continued to expand in usefulness and size. A renovation ended in 2008.

It brought a new and larger Emergency Department. It also created a facility especially for pediatric patients and surgical and inpatient bed accommodation. The renovation also designed a new and necessary parking garage and physician office structure. The new parking garage offers convenience to patients visiting the new outpatient services. An area beside the Medical Center includes an Ambulatory Care Center. This center houses multiple physician offices, outpatient imaging and laboratory procedures, outpatient pre-assessment testing and Upper Chesapeake Cardiovascular Institute.

Upper Chesapeake Health (UCH) distributes health care through Harford County, eastern Baltimore County and western Cecil County. Upper Chesapeake Health employs 2,700 team members and more than 550 medical staff physicians. Upper Chesapeake Medical Center ranked on a high national level in the U. S. News Best Hospitals in three adult attributes. Attributes include Geriatrics, Gastroenterology and Neurology and Neurosurgery. The facility contains 186 hospital beds. It employs 35 full-time physicians and 244 registered nurses.

During 2012, the Medical Center received 14,223 admissions, delivered 1,388 babies, and performed 3,925 inpatient and 6,179 outpatient surgeries, and 62,168 emergency room visits. Over 1,000 volunteers donate time to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center and other medical facilities in Harford County. Thank you for taking the time to review my data pertaining to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center. Our Medical Center contains a dedicated staff along with a hospitable design that warms patients upon arrival along with comforting them and visitors during their stay.

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