Managing Human Resources 16th Bohlander & Snell Essay

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Managing Human Resources 16th Bohlander & Snell

1.Place yourself in the position of general manager of a service department. How might formally written job requirements help you manage your work unit?

2.Discuss the various methods by which job analysis can be completed. Compare and contrast these methods, noting the pros and cons of each.

3.Why is accounting for employee motivation such an important aspect of designing today’s job?

4.The job characteristics model has five components that enhance employee jobs – skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback. Give an example illustrating how each component can be used to improve the organization and the job of the employee. (Suggestion: Consider your present or a recent job to answer this question.)

5.Figure 4.6 shows the different forms of employee teams. Provide an example of where each type of team can be used. How do teams create synergy.

6.As a small business employer, explain how nontraditional work schedules might make it easier for you to recruit employees.


1.Name some companies with whom you have done business. Then discuss how you view their employer brands. Would you want to work for them or not? How might these firms improve their employer brands.

2.More than 50% of all MBAs leave their first employer within five years. Although the change may mean career growth for these individuals, it represents a loss to the employers. What are some of the probable reasons a MBA would leave his/her first employer?

3.In what ways do executive search firms differ from traditional employment agencies?

4.Explain how realistic job previews (RJPs) operate. Why do they appear to be an effective recruitment technique?

5.What contributions can a career management program make to an organization that is forced to downsize its operations?

6.What are some of the barriers to advancement opportunities for women and minorities in many organizations?


1.Is there a “best” employment process stepwise? What steps must come first and last?

2.What is meant by the term criterion as it is used in personal selection? Give some examples of criteria used for jobs with which you are familiar?

3.Compare briefly the major types of employment interviews described in this chapter. Which type would you prefer to conduct? Why?

4.What characteristics do job knowledge and job sample tests have that often made them more acceptable to the examinees than other types of tests?

5.In what ways does the clinical approach to selection differ from the statistical approach? How do you account for the fact that one approach is superior to the other?

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