Managing hospitals electronically Essay

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Managing hospitals electronically

Management of a nursing home or a hospital requires very precise management skills which should be oriented towards efficient and effective management which will enhance cost minimization in their operations. Development of electronic revolutionary management systems in the hospitals is a very accurate approach which is suitable to virtually all hospitals regardless of their size of number of transactions per any given time (Friedman, 1997).

The essential areas to be considered when using an electronic management system include the following. Less staff will be required to handle more patients thus the system should ensure that the staff employed are well trained and have the relevant experience, this will ensure that the patients receive services of high quality. The electronic management system should not only aim at providing credible services to the patients attending these facilities but they should also ensure that they are ran in a manner that maximizes their profitability and at the same time being sensitive to the needs of the societies that they serve (Friedman, 1997).

Through electronic management system nursing homes and hospitals will be in a good position to adequately cater for the increasing numbers of consumers of health care in a manner that is cost effective. Thus the administrators of the hospitals will be able to considerably improve the controls of operations in the hospitals and hence the operations will be well streamlined. This management system will enable the management of hospitals to respond effectively to patient’s demands since the automated processes of collating, retrieving, and collecting the information of patients will be enhanced (Friedman, 1997).

The software product which is suitable for the management of hospitals should be one that is capable of improving management quality in the health care facilities, in such areas as analysis of clinical processes and costing which is based on the level of activity. Through an electronic management system hospitals are provided with various tools of management such as modeling simulation and analysis facilities (Friedman, 1997).

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