Managing Ethics and Politics

Organizations with strong workplace ethics add value and support an environment where employees feel safe and valued. Leaders can help create an ethical workplace culture that benefits shareholders, the organization and employees. Attention to ethics in the workplace helps employees face authenticity, both good and bad, in the organization and themselves.

Assessment of Ethical Issues

People choose what personal information they reveal to their friends, neighbors, and professional acquaintances daily. Attention to ethics shows that an organization is valuing people more than profit, as striving to operate with the utmost of integrity and honor.

Aligning behavior with values is critical to effective marketing and public relations programs. Providing students and employees with the correct forms for FERPA and allowing for their picture to be advertised are just some examples Jackson College provides.

Obtaining informed consent from participates in any research project is an important legal and ethical imperative for researchers (Kadam, 2017). Millennials are the country’s largest generation and decision-makers for their families.

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Millennials tend to find loyalty in an organization that earns their trust. Furthermore, if an organization reverts on their word, they risk losing those employees who placed trust within that organization.

Since research often involves a great deal of cooperation and coordination among many different people in different department and institutions, ethical standards promote the values that are essential to collaborative work, such as trust, accountability, mutual respect, and fairness (Resnik, 2015). People are more likely to fund a research project if they can trust the quality and integrity of the project.

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Jackson College relies on donations to complete many of their projects. If the community had doubts about how Jackson College was handling their finances, there would be less donations.

Assessment of Political Issues

Recognizing who the key political players are and how they can value research by participating in it is key to engaging them in a process (Coghlan and Brannick, 2014). Most millennials grew up with the internet, continually learning new methods of communication and process. Change is within their comfort zone, however, outdated and restricted work environments are a source of frustration. Millennials, therefore, focus on doing what is needed to best achieve a work goal, which can include with it greater flexibility in work environment, hours, and location.

Responsible political participation is reminiscent of other related, yet distinct, constructs such as empowerment, organizational democracy, or employees’, at least to the extent that they all enhance the efficient pursuit of organizational goals (Gotsis & Kortezi, 2010). Jackson College promotes changes to the organization from staff. There is an innovation fund, where staff can submit if they have an idea that will help the organization. For example, Jackson College added a family area, while parent’s are waiting to see their navigator, they have an area where their children can play.

Change happens over time, there will be instances where within an organization there is confusion. Maintaining positive attitude will help promote balance within a team. Leadership is a choice one makes rather than a place they sit. Leading my example, others will follow in your footsteps. Organizations that foster a culture with purpose and professional development will attract millennial talent.


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