Managing Ethically Essay

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Managing Ethically

Today’s business world often requires that employees work longer hours and travel extensively. This forces many to sacrifice family time and other personal responsibilities for their careers. In a one to two page paper, answer the following: What are the ethical implications of requiring that employees dedicate long hours and extensive travel time to their careers? What obligations, if any, does a manager or employer have to enable employees to create a balanced professional and private life? Support your answers with examples. Understanding, that ethics is about fairness and equity. Businesses are cutting labor, but not cutting the amount of work that has to be done.

I work for a very large company, and three years ago there was a large reorganization. The team I was on went from 22 people down to 12, but the workload did not drop. We were required to pick up the extra work. There was no choice, the work had to be done, and someone had to do it. Managers do not have any obligations to their employees to provide balance for them, but it creates a bad working environment. Employees that are not happy at their jobs are not as productive. It can also bring down morale for the entire team. There are things that can be done to help eliminate some of the ethical issues that could arise. There are plenty of workaholics out there that want to work longer hours and travel extensively, find out who wants to do it, and who does not. This is not a guarantee, but could stop a problem before there is one.

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