Managing Employee Performance Essay

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Managing Employee Performance

In an effective organization there are key aspects to take under consideration such as, communication, growth and expansion, task completion, supply the fits company’s goals, and contingency plans. These are all vital when developing a profitable organization. Once you have these established it is time to start thinking about managing employee’s performance. The internal evolvement in employees will help the longevity in an organizations success. “Google figured out how to analyze all their data to come up with a profile of the kind of manager whose team is most successful” (Noe, 2014). Along with all the data Google collected and analyzed there are also five criteria’s for effectiveness of performance managing system. In Googles attempt to excel there are some errors that can arise, but using the five criteria’s Google can make a step closer to enhancing their performance managing process. In order to gain structure in an organization there must be principles in place. These principles must meet a standard that can be visualized, observed and come to a conclusion. The concluded information must be in alignment with the goals of the company in order for the company to achieve their perspective goals. At Google, their objective are to find managers whose teams is most successful. There are many different ways to achieve their goal but understanding the criteria for an effective performance manager will better assist them. An effective management performance system has five criteria’s that must be maintained.

These principles include fit with strategy, validity, reliability, acceptability, and specific feedback. Before expanding on these principles it is important to know why a performance management system critical to the company. “An effective performance management process enables managers to evaluate and measure individual performance and optimize productivity” (Importance of Performance, 2014). A fit for strategy is “a performance management system that should aim at achieving employee behavior and attitudes that support the organizations strategy, goals, and culture” (Noe,2014). At Google their emphasis are to develop better managers. Google has met this criterion by identifying what it is they are trying to achieve and have set up measures to improve their managers. Validity “is the extent to which a measurement tool actually measure what is intended to be measured” (Noe,2014). By conducting a survey Google was able to evaluate the manager’s performance levels. This allows them a foundation for analyzing and developing training plans. It is important Google to have reliability as well. What good is it to have a valid testing measure it the result are inconsistent. Reliability is something that Google needs to improve. Google has a valid way of measuring their employee’s skill level but consistency maybe something they lack.

Google can use measure such as situational judgment to help improve their manager’s performance. In an article written in the Journal of Applied Psychology it states “on the basis of 102 coefficients and 10,640 people situational judgment test showed useful levels of validity that were generalizable” (Braverman). Google implementing situational judgment to their testing measures would as met the criterion not only for validity and reliability but also acceptability. Situational judgment is a practical standard of testing and has been proven to work. Google could run into some issues with collecting such data if they are not careful present what is being measured. Understanding that errors can occur will better assist Google in the performance management process. It is important not to be bias well evaluating employees. “People often tend to five higher evaluation to people they consider similar to themselves. Most of us think of ourselves as effective, so if others are like us they must be effective too. Research has demonstrated that this effect is strong” (Noe, 2014). This could cause discrimination issues and run the risk of the company having law suits and also loosing perspective employees due to bad reputation. To eliminate this factor, raters can be trained on how to avoid errors. Specific feedback is a good tool to in cooperate when dealing with employees.

If the employees understand what is expected from them they will be more willing to meet those expectations. Google mangers receive training that is essential to their understanding of what objective the company wants to meet. Google has met most of the criteria for have a successful program in place. In closure, Google’s measurements to their manager’s performance levels have met most of the criteria. Their method for a successful performance manager system is a full proof way on ensuring managers has the ability to grow. This in return brings greater productivity to the company. They have established what they want and created a survey that outline what a good leader possesses. They measures are valid and their employees understand what is expected of them. Google is still searching for ways to improve their test and situational judgment could greatly complement the techniques they already have in place. This will increase the reliability and escalate their chances on reaching their objective.

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