Managing and Preserving Electronic Health Records Essay

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Managing and Preserving Electronic Health Records

This proposal discusses how to apply standard and interoperable solutions to manage and preserve electronic health records (lab test results, physician notes, etc.) and migrate, distribute, replicate, and access these records from legacy formats and platforms. Another important thing the proposal discusses is incorporating a technological system that will allow better time management and increase profitability at CorpHealth.

Business Problem Statement

The business problem to be solved is how to improve time management by improving strategic planning and incorporating new technology that will allow better time management and planning. Also the company currently does not have a system that preserves electronic health records. It is important for the company to start working to create a standard preservation infrastructure to support a wide variety of electronic health records, data formats, and delivery mechanisms as well as identify, evaluate, and integrate standard and best practices in the long-term preservation and management tools to migrate, replicate, and distribute electronic health records.

Currently the only technological advance the company uses is the Cholestest LDX system that provides efficient and economical point of care testing for cholesterol and related lipids, and blood glucose serve as diagnostic tools that provide information for immediate risk assessment and therapeutic monitoring of heart disease, inflammatory disorders and diabetes.allows and improve insight into the financial management aspects of the company for improved strategic planning and performance monitoring.

Name of the Company or Organization

CORPHEALTH Medical and Wellness Solutions, Inc.

Brief Description of Proposed Solution

Incorporating new technology at CorpHealth will allow the business to reach out to new customer increase profit and grow technologically. Looking at these issues will help decrease major challenges the Company faces in IT, operations, strategic planning while diminishing the risk on non-compliance regulatory fees. CorpHealth should develop business tailored solutions to incorporate a better strategy that overall will bring growth and stability to the company.

General Benefits it will provide the Organization

General benefits to the company will mean growth and advancement. The company need to stay ahead of the competition and implementing new marketing strategy in different ways is a great way to attract different clients or new demographics. Implementing new technology will improve the speed and accuracy of diagnoses. Implementing a new system that will allow health information to be safe and secure will allow the current clients and future clients to have peace of mind. Also this will give the Company better access to the information if needed by the Doctor allowing better time management to the Staff.

Audience to whom you are presenting the recommendation(s)
The audience of this proposal is presented for all CorpHealth personnel. After recommendations are implemented and agreed on who will benefit from it will be the Staff, client and future clients.

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