Managing a design project Essay

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Managing a design project

Imagine you are managing a design project that will create an interface for automobile mechanics. The interface would be used by the mechanics to look up various fixes and parts for any number of makes or models of automobiles that may come through their garage. Decide what usability measures would be most motivating when designing this interface and describe the unique challenges you would have to plan for when designing an interface for an automotive repair shop. Use supporting evidence to support your response. First step for any design project would be to gather the requirements. As developer and project managers would not know what the end user needs and what their technical skills are, it would be essential to collect information on what the client needs. I would think that the interface has to be as simple as possible. So that the end user would have no problems searching through the interface for different parts and makes of cars.

I can imagine a mechanic just looking at the screen trying to figure out where is he at or what is he looking at. So the title of the search performed and the result should be bold and large font on top to ensure they know what the information is. Also to simplify the problem of how to fix a certain problem or a part in an automobile, the interface can be linked to Auto Repair Reference Centre. The new Auto Repair Reference Center interface provides for an increased amount of content with access to repair information for more than 37,000 vehicles. In-depth repair coverage—representing the most comprehensive collection of automobile repair reference information in the market—is provided for each vehicle. In addition to repair manual information, library patrons will find technical service bulletins, recall information, electrical wiring diagrams, maintenance intervals, specifications and labor times.

Advanced do-it-yourselfers can take advantage of the diagnostics information collection, which provides the ability to troubleshoot based on symptoms and OBDII codes This would eliminate the problem of the mechanic not knowing how to fix a certain problem. Physical, cognitive, perceptual, personality, and cultural differences introduce challenges when designing universally usable products. Choose one area from the list above and describe why it is the biggest challenge to overcome when creating universally usable designs. Support your response. The biggest challenge when creating a universally usable product would be the layout and the different formats it would have the information displayed. As English is written from left to right, there are many languages the go from right to left and top to bottom like Chinese and Japanese. So it would create a great deal of difficulty for the developers to create interface that would react differently according to the language in use.

Early computers were only usable by experts with strong technical knowledge. Examine how interactive systems have changed throughout the years to accommodate average users and describe two advantages and two disadvantages associated with these changes. Computers have come a long way since 80’s and 90’s. They were mainly used by Government and now every household has one. I remember the first time I saw a computer at my school it was a comodor 64. We would practice writing basic programs and play the tennis or ping pong game with two bars moving across the screen. But since then the interface has changed a lot and so has the gaming experience.

Writing letters to family and waiting for reply for weeks if not months has changed to a matter of seconds. Internet has made the world a smaller place for us as we can reach anyone instantly no matter what continent they might be on. But on the other hand it has made us vulnerable to a point that our most private conversations or information can be accessed by anyone anywhere. The other disadvantage is that it has made our lives busier. The point I am trying to make is that before internet and computers families had more time for each other, there was time for family dinner, family movie night was every night. Now as the technology has evolved, our lives have become more complicated and busier.

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