Managing A Business Event Essay

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Managing A Business Event

Event organisers are in charge of all parts of an event. They co-ordinate all aspects, from the beginning right through to the end, overseeing all the details and ensuring everything gets completed on time and on budget. While there is a great variety between the different types of events and the different tasks an event organiser will need to do, there are some parts which are almost always the same.


The location or locations are very important for different kind of events, the actual event interprets the location which goes with it for example a football match in the world cup will require a 30,000 allocation plus depending on which team is playing. When Brazil is playing for example then they will need a 50,000 or even 60,000 plus seater stadium. It is important that the right stadium catered for the right people because they could be losing money if there are lots of unsold tickets. They have to make sure that there is enough leg room and room for people to pass through without making others move form their seat, they also have to cater for upper class to make sure they get the quality which they want.


For the world cup there has to be tons of food outlets both inside and outside the ground so they not only cater for everyone their but they cater for all their needs whatever they may be such as vegetarian or gluten free and other different eating habits. They have to have 10’s of thousands of burgers hotdogs batches of chips which are most commonly found in football stadiums around the world. They have to make sure they have enough food to last the big rush of customers which often come before half time or on half time because if they queue up for over 10/20 minutes and they don’t get the food they will be annoyed and they would also would miss the first 5 minutes of the first half. The speed of the delivery has to be very fast to get 100’s of customers with their food and drink and out as soon as they can their will be around a 25 minute gap to do this before the second half starts. Finally drinks have to be provided and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic must be served to cater for young and old.

Planning and reserving facilities

Facilities which need to be reserved and booked in advance are things like burger vans and drinks vending machines all these will have to be booked or bought in advance. Referees will have to be contacted prior to the world cup to make sure that they are okay to referee the in the games. Obviously the main important thing which needs to be free and ready to use is the various number of stadiums and to make sure that they’re not being used for another other reason. The car spaces will have to be planned and also bus routes to make transport quick easy and efficient for travelling fans and teams from hotels.

Setting up

The set up for the world cup started as soon as Brazil was announced as the hosts for the tournament. The first things which were set up were the plans of stadiums and thee transport links such as the numerous shuttle busses. Another first initial set up is to make sure it is safe for all fans and players so the Brazilian government have ordered army troops into the favelas of Brazil which are situated near the grounds, so the first few steps were to make sure transport links were designed as well as new pitches and also the security was put in place to calm down hot spots of violence around the city. Accommodation is another vital thing for the world cup because there will be 10’s of thousands of supporters going to the world cup so they need to make sure there is enough places for people to stay for the appropriate time failure to do this will have people sleeping on the streets which could cause turmoil in the streets, like thieving for example.


The programme for the world cup is made a few months in advance because people need to know when to book flights there and back so they know when the game is and how many games they can afford to stay for depending how large the gap is between the two games this is important to be released fairly early so supporters know when to book time off work and how many days they are. Preparing and distributing supporting documents

For the world cup this is sending additional information to the buyers and telling them things like transport links accommodation and also things like sending over the tickets which ay when the game is and what time it kicks offs these will be sent to the buyers house prior to the world cup so they can understand where to go and what to do nearer the time. Organisational procedures

These things are like how many people the stadium fits and how many people are allocated to be in line waiting in the queue this is so that there won’t be any safety hazards such as getting injured via pushing and shoving in the queue. Another organisational procedures are the set times which the teams are lined up to play such as making sure that no games clash and they ar4e all at different times.

Legal requirements

Some of the legal requirements include: making sure no vandalism is done to the ground as the buyer has agreed to this once purchasing the ticket another requirement is that the people selling things around the ground that they stay in their agreed place and don’t move over into other sellers zones this could cause violence as another is acting upon another location. So the sellers agree to stay in their assign place. The standard football match agreement is also in place in the world cup which is no racist or violent behaviour towards players or the opposition’s fans.

Limits of role

As an event organiser it is important that they don’t do all the work and that they share the work load to other people who specialise in different areas such as giving the food responsibility to people who know what the fans want and what the number of items of food per match needs to be ordered. So it is important that the event organiser is able to dish jobs out however must keep an eye on what’s happening and making sure that the jobs are being done correctly by the other people who have been asked of the organiser. I is important to make sure that the organiser keeps an eye out on the other because they need to know if they’re on course to finish the job on time and to the best possible standard in which they can possibly do

An event organiser needs the following skills to do their job effectively:

Communication and interpersonal skills- This is critical to have as an organiser because they need to do a lot of telling people what to do and where to go. They need to be able to communicated with all sorts of working varying from business wear to builders to make sure that they are doing their jobs and to make sure that they’re on schedule. Time management- It is important for an event organiser to have good time management because they have a number of different things going on all the time and they have got to make sure each one is finished on schedule to make sure everything will be finished on time and so everything runs smoothly. Good time management means the organiser can go to different people instead of focusing on one person and making sure everyone is on track and not just focus on one person that’s working behind.

Problem solving – It is important that the event planner has the ability to solve problems that may occur and may not be planned such as at the world cup a referee being ill this can easily be avoided by the getting a back up referee which is either the four official or sometimes the fifth so they can swap for the ref. Failure to have either of these can result in the game being cancelled or abandoned which will lose money to their economy and also it may cause problems for the travelling fans because they may have booked a flight when the game is next to be rescheduled . So it is important that the planner is ready to prepare for the worse and has ways of avoiding the situation. Negotiating- To keep within the events budget the organiser will be forced to negotiate to keep within the budget, so for the world cup he would of have to of negotiated with contractors and builders and manual labourers, the organiser would of tried to get the lowest price possible to get the stadium built to a high standard and as quick as they can.

Negotiating for event organiser is vital to keep within budgets and saves the buyers money which would make the organiser highly recommendable to other people seeking a event organiser. Planning – The event planner will have to be able to plan long, short and medium situations for example a long term plan is planning where the stadiums are going to be built and how large of a capacity it is going to be, this will take a long time to both think about and also it will take even longer to execute an example of a medium term planning is things like what referees will be appointed to which games and also when the games will take place and at what times they kick off and finally short term would be what food and drinks are too be sold. An event organiser has to be able to plan all three types and manage the time between planning them efficiently.

Resource management- The event planner must make sure that there is enough food and drink for each and every stadium for each game failure to do so will cause the fans to grow inpatient and will prevent buying products I future games and may bring their own food which would lose money. Also they need to make sure that there’s not only enough food and drink but that there’s a wide range of options to chose from so the customers are kept happy by the wide selection of service. Monitoring- Because an event planner can’t do all the jobs they have to be able to keep monitoring and checking up on the people who are doing the more complex and longer jobs to make sure that they’re keeping up and schedule and not slowing anything down.

They also have to be very supportive to try and motivate the workers to try and finish early. Evaluating- The event planner has to have a bench mark so that he can see if the job has been done below or above expectation, this is so the person can readjust things if they are up to the standards which they have without a good evaluation the jobs could be done below par and thus upsetting customers which aren’t getting the service which they have paid to get

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