Manager Roles Essay

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Manager Roles

1. “A Manager’s role is dynamic and complex.” Discuss this statement, supporting your answer with reference to appropriate theory and practice. Manager’s role is to allocate resources and directs the operations, by making the best use of human and financial and material resources to the organization. Managers are required to do planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. Fayol’s theory of a management function which is the POCCC allows the organization to have more effective and efficient in goods and services than other competitors. The dynamic and complex work of a manager is based on interpersonal, informational and decisional roles. Given the above roles according to Henry Mintzberg, the managers are placed in different areas to perform individual task or multiple tasks. Interpersonal roles require a manager to deal outside business like as figurehead who represent as a representative of the company to attend outside meetings and gathering.

Commanding is required in manager to direct the department to meet its requirement and coordinating the events to ensure the process of the movement. A good manager spends more time outside his office than in his office, allowing himself to liaise to outside and deemed helpful to the organization. A manager monitors his/her own department by understanding the people involving him/herself to the conversation and receiving the information. Being a the head person, allow the first-hand news or information to receive and screen, hence given the choice of disseminating down to the people in the organization. A good manager will decide whether is appropriate to share and distribute information which is useful to others. Company spokesperson can be a manager to relate official company information to inside and outside of the organization like publicity and benefits of the company. Mainly managers are in this role which is the decisional role; allow him/her decision to plan the changes in the good and services. Restructuring of the entrepreneurial maybe heavily depends on the managers which refer to the top management. Managers must have the power to control the internal factor like strikes, which company cannot afford stoppage of work. Important factor of dealing customer is required to ensure satisfaction of the customers. Manager must be reasonable to determine the pricing of their products sold to the customers and negotiating with them in a professional way. A good manager take cares of their people by allocating sufficient time and personnel in the organization. Pay has to be determined
accordingly to individual’s work and ensuring the fairness among the fellow workers.

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