Management Essay Topics

Japanese Management System

 Management Styles Corporation management is necessary for an institution to survive during times of change as it is the role of management to provide a plan of action, leadership and delegation of authority. Management structure ensures growth will be maintained for the organization and that the corporation will continue to function. Multiple styles of management… View Article

E-com Management ( Website Review) is an entertainment website. The website is made in flash which makes it dazzling and colorful, but puts the limitation on those visitors who do not have flash software. The website is basically targeting offering movies, DVD, video on demand and music to online consumers. For children there is also a separate section with… View Article

Engine Management

Engine Management System ensure that engines run cleanly and efficiently in a wide variety of conditions, they are for the most part reliable and require little or no maintenance. Two basic functions performed by an EMS: (1) to meter fuel to the engine in the right quantity and (2) to provide a spark at the… View Article

Reward system

1. 1Executive summary: Pizza hut is an American restaurant that offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes pasta, Buffalo wings etc. it was founded in 1958 by the brothers Dan and Frank Carney in their hometown. And latter on they expand their business to all over the world. In Pakistan first branch of… View Article

Schools of Management

Introduction Nowadays the word management can be heard from the representatives of every walk of life. Indeed, it seems that the task of finding ways to properly employ management principles for the maximal benefit has become the backbone of modern organizations. Therefore, it may be useful for many to remember that this state of affairs… View Article

Systems Approach

In the 1956 edition of Modern Systems Research for the Behavioral Scientist, A. D. Hall and R. E. Fagen define “a system as a set of objects together with relations between the objects and between their attributes”. (Scholtes, Peter R. 1998, 42)  The system concept has been taken from the exact sciences, specifically from physics,… View Article

Theories of Management

Managers are responsible for many things in an organization and most of them handle various situations depending on their management style.  The major role of mangers is to get things done in the direction of their goals for the organization ( The management style on the other hand is the leadership method employed by a… View Article

Generation Gap: Mentors and Proteges

When baby boomers reach retirement age; they start mentoring their replacements called generation Xers. Some boomers face difficulties in this process. William Slater; a computer engineer; faced problems while he was participating in his company’s formal mentoring program. One of his students tried to take his place in the organization by reporting negatively about him…. View Article

Zara: IT for Fast Fashion

1. Is Zara’s use of IT different from similar firms? First, I would like to highlight Zara’s business model and their business practices which are different from its competitors, from which I will draw comparison on use of IT among these firms. Zara’s business model and business idea are different from many of its peers…. View Article

Biometrics Identification Attendance Monitoring System

Time is a special resource that you cannot store or save for later use. Everyone has the exact same amount of time each day. Time not well used cannot be retrieved. Most people feel like they have too much to do and not enough time. They blame lack of time for their poor finances, unachieved… View Article

California Pizza Kitchen

A company’s strategic choices shape how that firm will operate and react to the use of its own resources as well as the affects of external factors. These choices are typically broken down into one of our distinct strategies (cost leadership, differentiation, niche focus, and first mover’s advantage) and applied as management sees fit. In… View Article

Downsizing: the Financial and Human Implications

This essay examines the effects of downsizing with regard to the human and financial implications. Since the mid to late 1980s, downsizing has “transformed the corporate landscape and changed the lives of hundreds of millions of individuals around the world” (Gandolfi, 2008, p. 3). For the purposes of this essay, downsizing is defined as the… View Article

Critical Analysis of the Nut Island Effect

The Nut Island Effect (NIE) is a sad but true outcome of what happens when communication breakdown within an organization. The following is a critical analysis of the events that ended in a terrible catastrophe at the Nut Island treatment plant. In our analysis we will cover the following topics as well as reference supporting… View Article

Mission Critical: A Closer Look into the Performance Appraisal Process

The performance management cycle begins with objective setting where the appraisee ought to be oriented about performance expectations for the given performance period. Throughout the period, performance is measured officially through the performance appraisal exercise, where the appraiser is given the chance to give performance feedback through an interview. The performance management system is meaningfully… View Article