Management Essay Topics

Leadership Theories

“Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal” (Northouse, 2012). The learner had to identify and compare four theories of leadership. The theories selected to analyze by the learner are contingency, behavioral, transformation, and transactional. For a better understanding of how these theories will fit into… View Article

Operation and Strategy management for Ryanair

Introduction The company chosen in this report is Ryanair in the airline industry. Ryanair is a low cost budget airline travelling across 1600 routes from 57 bases connecting 180 destinations in 29 different countries ( Ryanair first started its operations in 1985 between Ireland and London. The first year it commuted around 5000 customers but… View Article

Mentoring & Coaching

Analyse and evaluate the use of Mentoring and/or coaching to support both your own and others,’ development of professional skills and knowledge. In ancient Greek mythology Mentor was the friend of Odysseus and tutor to his son. His name is well-known for a faithful and wise adviser. Today on the athletic field and in corporate… View Article

Global Business Strategies

Course Description The manager’s perspective in the fields of international payments, international trade, and investment are analyzed. Emphasis is given to the materials and concepts that illuminate the strategies, structure, practices, and effects of multinational enterprises. Policies Faculty and students/learners will be held responsible for understanding and adhering to all policies contained within the following… View Article

International Management

Executive Summary This written case analysis report is prepared for the analysis of the case study of the Tata Group – “The Last Rajah: Ratan Tata and Tata’s Global Expansion.” (Luthans and Doh 2009). It will first begin with a brief introduction on the Tata Group of India, with the source and the secondary (both… View Article

Boundaryless organisation

1. Theoretical Background A boundaryless organization is a modern approach in organization design. It is an organization that is not defined by, or limited to, the horizontal, vertical, or external boundaries imposed by a predefined or traditional structure. This term was coined by former General Electric chairman Jack Welch because he wanted to eliminate vertical… View Article

Nursing concepts: competence, compassion, professionalism,

Abstract There are different views on the concepts of nursing. Nurses can have the same views on nursing concepts as patients do with only slight difference. But overall the concepts of competence, professionalism, and compassion are viewed very similarly between the nurse and patient interviewed for this paper. Competence plays a key role in the… View Article

Final Exam

INTRODUCTION 1.1 Title of the project Access Control Proposal Project 1.2 Project schedule summary The project will be a multi-year phased approach to have all sites (except JV and SA) on the same hardware and software platforms. 1.3 Project deliverables • Solutions to the issues that the specifies location of IDI is facing • Plans… View Article


From a food and beverage manager’s perspective – Why is managing the diversity of an international food and beverage operation so important? Discuss this by using a system, or process, or method and/ or technique In the hospitality industry, managing the diversity of international food and beverage operation which is important from a food and… View Article

Reward Systems

Once of a manager’s most important tools is the ability to select rewards and time the rewards properly. Even if managers are not solely responsible for financial rewards, they can use a number of tools to increase the effectiveness of their organization. Reward systems can address several important managerial objectives as they relate to employee… View Article

Excel Logistics Case

Purpose To introduce participants to the supply chain concept and to the effects decisions along the chain have on inventory levels and costs. Introduction In this game the retailer sells cases of beer to a consumer and orders cases of beer from the wholesaler; the wholesaler sells cases of beer to the retailer and orders… View Article

The roles of managers and individuals

Managing the change process in an organization can be difficult for all individuals’ involved included management as well as the employees. A manager’s role during the process is to be positive, honest, and supportive by providing as much information as possible to the employees involved in the change. Most importantly the manager should lead by… View Article

Responsibility Essay

Personal responsibility is holding myself accountable for my actions and accepting the outcome of those actions. Any decisions I make, no matter how significant they are, will affect my life and those around me. To me, accepting personal responsibility is the first step in taking control of my life. Someone who demonstrates personal responsibilities achieves… View Article

Vice President

When i heard the word leadership, i first think about myself to consider if I’m a good example of leader or not. The most important piece of leadership is self-leadership. If a person can’t lead herself/himself, how is she/he going to lead others? A good example of leader should know what he/she wants, his/her goal,… View Article

Kitchen Best

Individual case study: Kitchen Best Kitchen Best is the typical family owned SME, specialized in the Kitchen appliance production, with Headquarter in Hong Kong and manufacturing plant based in China, in the Guandong province. The main problems concerning the company, are all related with its managing and governance system. The company has been run for… View Article

Toyota Corp. Analysis & Balanced Scorecard

Definition: Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a strategic performance tool, which is used by managers to monitor consequences and keep track of the execution of activities. According to Kaplan and Norton “balanced scorecard was designed as a strategic tool and used mainly by the executive of an organization, and might not be relate to the employees… View Article

Leadership Style

Leaders are people who inspire and motivate us through their actions and words. As we have seen through many years, the term leadership has been defined in many ways, but always we expect the leader is just someone who shares our values and provide us direction. A great example of these qualities is Nelson Mandela…. View Article

Lean Operations

Task 1: To what extent could or should Deane expect to apply the philosophies and techniques of JIT/Lean to the running of a staircase cell? Staircases Production Company (SPC) is a small, successful, privately owned timber and building materials company based in a small city in the UK. The company offers a wide variety of… View Article

Competitive Strategies and Government Policies

The electronics industry is in a monopolistic competitive market. This market has few barriers to entry which means there “easy entry for new firms in the long run (Colander, 2010, 361). Further, globalization has expanded this market across the globe with many countries distributing and manufacturing electronic products. Thus, globalization always comes with the threat… View Article


While working with a adult who suffer’s from ADHD and Dyslexia you can go through different aspect of satisfaction and also aspects that can cause problems and tension at work. The most satisfying feeling at the end of the day when it is time to go home and the person i am careing for has… View Article

Management by exception

With the release of the new budget for year 9 from Competition Bikes, there are a couple of areas that are a concern that warrant being addressed. The first being the prediction of amount of bikes to be sold; Competition Bikes is expecting 3,510 units to be sold after a year 8 that sold only… View Article

Align Risk, Threats, & Vulnerabilities

a. Unauthorized access from public internet – HIGH b. User destroys data in application and deletes all files – LOW c. Workstation OS has a known software vulnerability – HIGH d. Communication circuit outages – MEDIUM e. User inserts CD’s and USB hard drives with personal photos, music and videos on organization owned computers –… View Article

The “Three Human Skills” that makes a good MAA

The three human skills that makes a good Medical Admnisitrative Assistant are planning, strategy and leadership. The MAA can use planning to plan out the week day by day. Planning will show them how to move forward to reach there future goals. The reason planning is such an aspect to the MAA is because it… View Article

Saving Sony

1.“Change is the only constant” Evaluate the different types of change that have occurred in Sony? In Sony various types of changes occurred such as structural change, technological change, change in the number of employees, the environmental change outside Sony and so on. The financial losses and the existence of new goods like plasma televisions,… View Article

Role of leadership in Total Quality Management

THE ROLE OF LEADERSHIP IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM) IN ORGANIZATIONS Globalization in the business theater is driving companies toward a new view of quality as a necessary tool to compete successfully in worldwide markets. A direct outcome of this new emphasis is the philosophy of total quality management (TQM). In essence,… View Article

Analyze the different Operational Management (OM) perspective of Walmart

Analyze the different Operational Management (OM) perspective of Walmart. Identify the following by writing a paper (with paragraphs, including an introductory, body, and concluding section): 1) The organization’s name and main line of business, 2) A specific type of operations process that takes place there (either service or product), 3) Describe the nature of the… View Article

Four Functions of Management

1.How does the planning function of management contribute to achieving organizational objectives within your chosen industry? Planning contributes to achieving organizational objectives by planning for goals provided for your industry and looking for ways to achieve those goals. Planning is beneficial for making more profits and for encouraging others to work hard. When you use… View Article

Trends in the Workplace

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a production planning and inventory control system used to manage the manufacturing process. Most MRP systems are software-based. However, it is possible to conduct MRP by hand as well. The intent of a MRP system is to simultaneously meet three objectives; (1) Ensure materials are available for production and products… View Article

Transportation Management Systems

Abstract Transportation Management Systems (TMS) have changed the way companies do business. Handling transportation planning, TMS transformed the way United Parcel Service (UPS) executes their delivery business. Enabling what once was a small business by providing assistance in managing the shipping and receiving of retailers, manufacturers and suppliers goods, United Parcel Service (UPS) is now… View Article