Management Essay Topics

How to Become an Effective Manger and a Good Communicator

In order to stay on top, companies need to do more than just stay the same and keep them alive, they need to grow. And that means that their employees need to develop and improve their skills at the same pace. More than ever, managers are being encouraged to improve employee performance through effective coaching,… View Article

Responsibility Accounting

It is impossible for top managers to make all the necessary decisions about everything except in very small organizations. Somehow at some point he has to delegate some decisions to those who are at the lower levels and are more knowledgeable to the everyday detail of the company’s operation. By empowering lower level managers to… View Article

The Five Management Functions

The subject of this reflective paper is regarding the most critical organizational management functions. Critical management functions sit at the core of any organization and steer its leaders, managers, and employees toward success by utilizing the people and resources in the most effective manner. My intent is for the reader to be enlightened of how… View Article

Diagnostic Control Systems: Implementing Intended Strategies

The article authors, Johnson and Kaplan looks at how management accounting has evolved over the years and within different industries and how those management accounting reports have failed to help mangers make decisions to reduce costs and improve productivity. The authors state that contemporary trends in competition, technology, and management demand major changes in the… View Article

Wastewater Management

In this age of rising costs and depletion of natural resources due to over use by the ever growing population on our planet, it is absolutely essential that we find ways to recycle and conserve wherever possible. One way of doing this is by managing wastewater. The first step in the process replicates what occurs… View Article

Administrative Theories of Management

Henri Fayol a French industrialist has wrote a book title Administration Industrialle et Generalle in 1916 , according to his book theories about management he thought could be applied to the management of any organization with administrative responsibilities. Fayol identified five function which is still used today to all management activities , they were planning… View Article


1A) The role of a buying center is to find the best suppliers and vendors for the organization’s purchases. However, at Trek, buying centers make sure that purchasing managers are partnering with vendors who benefit the company. In addition, buying centers serve the role of confirming purchasing managers of the suppliers that do, in fact,… View Article

The Five Factors of Operation Management

1.0Executive Summary There are four operation objectives in Penang Mutiara which is quantity, speed, dependability and flexibility. Quantity is the number of goods or services. This article, I illustrate the way the hotel management, strategy and long-term strategy to promote the hotel. 2.0 Introduction Mutiara Beach Resort Penang heralds a new standard for Asian resort… View Article

Everest Simulation Reflection

The Harvard Business Everest Leadership and Team Simulation allow participants to understand and appreciate underlying management concepts which form the basis of any well functioning organisation. Specifically, the simulation required students to work in cohesive teams, display important leadership qualities and to communicate effectively in order to make successful decisions. The Everest task involves the… View Article

Lands’ End Case Study

1. A) Lands’ End’s buying center most likely consists of Assurance Personnel and upper management because Lands’ End selects long term suppliers that will likely ha a significant effect on the future of the business and that decision can’t be left to inexperience members or members without authority or power in the company. B) Users… View Article

We Need More Engagement Around Here

1. Employees’ Personalities and Demographic Status The management must recognize the personality, ethical, generational, and social status differences among their employees. This is to acknowledge the fact the different people require different motivation approaches. Thus, these factors will influence the motivation tactic of the management. 2. Job Designs The management could analyze the job designs… View Article

The Role of Intuition and Improvisation in Project Management

Improvisation consists of a combination of intuition, creativity, and bricolage. Intuitions are rapid, affectively charged, holistic judgements arrived at without the apparent intrusion of rational thought. Improvisation and intuition represent two important and related aspects of management in general and of the management of projects in particular. There have been few, if any, studies that… View Article

Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is a formal management system that provides for the evaluation of the quality of an individual’s performance in an organization, and is usually prepared by the employee’s immediate supervisor, and the procedure typically requires the supervisor to fill out a standardized assessment form that evaluates the individual on several different dimensions and then… View Article

Trade unions and management

It is evident from the literature that there has been a sharp decrease in the use of collective bargaining between trade unions and management in deciding employment agreements for employees (e. g. Milner, 1995; Poole & Mansfield,1993). Many authors argue that movement towards the individualization of employment relations is replacing the traditional collectivist approach, with… View Article

Dupont Case Study

Tom Harris is the General Manager of Dupont, which is the major employer in their community. Big changes had taken place when the Orlon plant had closed down, but few changes had taken place. Projects such as getting rid of one operation and installing another was being seen as regular business so there was no… View Article

Treetop Forest Products

Treetop Forest Products is a very reputable company who partnered with Westboard Co. to produce high quality lumber for sale to international consumers. Treetop Forest Products main operation is to take raw logs and transform them into 2-by-4 and 2-by-6 building grade lumber which are then transferred over to Westboard Co. so that they can… View Article


This paper emphasizes the importance of Project Management, Operations Management and Information Systems Management at work place. It gives brief problems from my work place – Verizon Federal Network System. All three management are important to the company and it represents company indirectly. Managerial Problems – Managing people is not easy, because everyone is an… View Article

Ten Commandments for CEOs Seeking Organizational Change

In our ever-changing, fast-paced world, competitive relationships Can shift quickly when companies respond too slowly to increased competition in their industry group. Succeeding in such a competitive and changing environment demands that CEOs reshape their organization to meet today’s challenges and competitive realities. But responding to change remains highly elusive because there is a natural… View Article

Management Functions and Roles

This week I interviewed Mr. Bradford, the health care administrator of Willis Knight Health Center. Mr. Bradford has been in the health care field for 17 years. He has been the coordinator and director at the Willis Knight Health Center for 11 years. Human Resources and leadership are two most pressing functions according to Mr…. View Article

Usefulness of Classical Management Theory in a Modern Organisation

Scholars of management from as early as the 19th century touted the need for managers to find that formula, that modus operandi, that would deliver positive results, on a sustainable basis, in the most efficient manner. In the process they sought to define the role(s) of a manager and although these have been altered by… View Article

Operations Management in Tesco

In order to define why Operations Management is needed in an organisation knowledge of operations management is required. Operations management is an area of management concerned with overseeing, designing, and redesigning business operations in the production of goods and/or services. It includes the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are efficient by using as few… View Article

Job Rotation Programs

Job rotation programs are very enriching but require much energy from both the company implementing the program as well as the employees. Job rotation is the systematic movement of employees from job to job within an organization. Job rotation is a systematic career development strategy that moves employees laterally and offers customized assignments for specialized… View Article

Citibank: Performance Evaluation

In 1996, Citibank was an emergent banking institution attempting to increase its market share in the competitive Los Angeles area. In order to do so, the bank’s strategy was to focus slightly less on their financial growth, and much more on providing “a high level of service to its customers”. Management viewed this paradigm shift… View Article

Process control

Process control is a major factor in ensuring that a process is working to its maximum potential. Sometimes process control means that one must conduct research to see how a process improvement can be implemented. Process improvement normally results in adjusting and modifying particular tasks or steps in a process to make them run more… View Article

The Cousins Tournament Case Analysis

In The Cousins Tournament case, Al Blanchard decides that he is ready to retire as President of the family business, Grandview Industries. He has overseen the business for 27 years, along with help from his brother Morris. But with the New Year’s Eve announcement of Al’s upcoming retirement, a lot needed to be discussed, specifically… View Article

Relationship Between Program Planning and Grant Proposals

Program planning is evaluated in following a proposal. Program Planning processes will yield a component of the body proposal. Grand proposals are evaluated and based on business practices/good planning. A grant proposal address goals within the organizations ability to provide relevant services. Grant proposal s could be contract submitted to perform an activity for example… View Article

Management: Setting Goals

1. In your university, professors likely have objectives regarding teaching, research, and service to the university. From your perspective, what are the relative priorities of these three objectives? If you could, how would you change these priorities and why? I think that the top priority of the professors is research. Professors had to do research… View Article

Balanced Scorecard: Management Control System

“Balanced scorecard” means different things to different people. At one extreme, measurement-based balanced scorecards are simple dashboards of performance measures grouped into categories that are of interest primarily to an organization’s managers and executives. Typical categories include financial measures, and customer, process, and organization capacity measures. Measurement-based scorecards almost always report on operational performance measures,… View Article