Management Essay Topics

Avoiding Groupthink

The case study we are addressing this week involves how a team and Project Manager avoid Groupthink and its pitfalls. In order to understand what group think is you have to refer to Irving Janus who coined the phrase back in 1972. He related that Group Think is when a group makes a decision based… View Article

Scientific Management – for a Different Time and Place

Scientific Management was first described by Frederick Taylor in the late 19th century. Its relevance to modern day management is widely debated in academic circles. In this essay, I will address the question of whether Scientific Management has a place today, in a 21st Century Knowledge Economy, or whether it belongs to a ‘different time… View Article

How Can Resourcing and Development Add Value in the Modern Workplace

According to Ann Marie E. McSwain, Assistant Professor at Lincoln University, “leadership is about capacity: the capacity of leaders to listen and observe, to use their expertise as a starting point to encourage dialogue between all levels of decision-making, to establish processes and transparency in decision-making, to articulate their own value and visions clearly but… View Article

Carl Robbins Case Study

Carl Robins is a new campus recruiter who is on the fast track to success. However, as a new employee, he is not fully informed on processes of the company. From my analysis, I conclude that Carl Robbins is not organized and did not assemble training plan for the new recruits. New employees can acquire… View Article

Dick Spencer Case

Spencer was a plant manager of Modrow Company, a Canadian Branch of the Tri-American Corporation. Tri-American was a major producer of primary aluminum with integrated operations ranging from mining of bauxite through the processing to fabrication of aluminum into variety of products. The company had also made and sold refractories and industrial chemicals. The parent… View Article

Lakeland Wonders Case Study

1. How will the new CEO’s vision transform the Lakeland Wonders organisation? • Change of brand image- no longer ‘Handcrafted with pride in the USA’. • Change of organisational culture with the proposed expansion. • Create new revenue streams with expansion into new markets. • Departure from the traditional style of the company. 2. What… View Article

Research Topic & Research Proposal

1. What do you think of a good research topic? What are the key elements of a good research topic? A good research topic should be of a clear objectives and purpose. It should generate question to discover and find out the underlying problem or understanding a current situation. Therefore the elements of a good… View Article


This essay will argue that it is imperative for organizations to have strong leaders and a strong culture in the post bureaucratic era because leaders set a direction for people. They help us visualize what we might achieve and they encourage us and inspire us. Together, with a strong business culture, organizations will surely be… View Article

TA Energy

Ayhan should reject Okan’s proposal to buy out his stake. RG offer Ayhan $1. 5million for his stake while keep the developer’s fee which is 5% of the capital budget. However ” Rather than be satisfied with a one-time developer’s fee, Ayhan intended to reinvest this fee in TA Energy in order to retain a… View Article

Spreading Happiness: Warm Fuzz Cards

Benefits: -Mills liked the control that it allowed her – Slower growth rate would enable her to learn as she grew the business – Lower risk as everything was already financed by the sales profit and the business to date had no debt Implications: – Question of whether Mills would still be able to continue… View Article

Managing Information Technology

Question #1: What would be your prioritized list of IT investments? Four IT investments need to be prioritized; 1. 2. 3. 4. Ecommerce & Web sales Aligning the various systems (legacy, SAP, ERP) together. Hire relationship managers Make IT a “partner” 1. After only 3 years, KL’s Web sales have reached $156M, equalizing its in… View Article

Microsoft vs Red Hat Linux

As a customer, I’d prefer the system of Red Hat (despite how the program look and operate) because obviously, it’s free of charge. Also because it releases the updated version every 4-6 months as the article mentioned. However, in my opinion, in term of business model, Microsoft, the monopoly, has a more sustainable business plan…. View Article

Introduction and Motivation

The following chapter provides the foundation for this thesis. It begins with a scope clarification including a definition of the Supply Chain 2020 research initiative, and this thesis’ position within that overall project. Additionally, this chapter discusses the motivation and methodology behind this paper as well as provides an outline for future chapters. The Supply… View Article

Review Questions for Business Management

1) What is resource overallocation? Resource leveling is the project management function of resolving project resource over-allocation. By definition over-allocation means that a resource has been assigned more work than can be accomplished in the available time as dictated by the resource’s calendar definition. In most scenarios, over-allocations can be remedied manually by extending tasks… View Article

What Are the Differences in Organizational Structures

Organizational structure development is driven by an organization’s type. According to Lamar University, organizational structure is, “the formal system of task and reporting relationships that controls, coordinates, and motivates employees so that they cooperate to achieve an organization’s goals. ” Depending on the type of business or organization, the organizational structure will be developed differently…. View Article

Altex Corporation Case Study

1.Why was a risk management plan considered unnecessary? According to the contract award, contracts at that time did not require that a risk management plan be develop while according to the sponsor the risk management plan was not necessary because most of the new weapon systems requirements are established by military personnel who have no… View Article

Goal formulation statement

Goals are developed from the SWOT analysis. This is not a wishful thinking. Goals describe objectives that are specific with respect to magnitude and time. A goal is a realistic, measurable, time-dated target of accomplishment in the future. Why goal formulation so important thing for strategic planning? Strategic planning is a process that determines the… View Article

Understanding of the career opportunities in Sports Management

The field of sport and exercise persists to expand rapidly. This is proofed by the fact that sport is now regarded as a multi-billion dollar industry. As the sport practices increased expansion, many career opportunities are becoming obtainable for students skilled in sport and exercise linked majors. “Sport management,” as a career is broad-based enough… View Article

Journal of Operation Management

A critical review using P.S. Adler, Mary Benner, David James, John Paul MacDuffie, Emi Osono, Bradley R. Staats, Hirotaka Takeuchi, Michael L. Tushman and Sindey G. Winer, Journal of operation management: Perspectives on the productivity dilemma The article focuses on the critical issue in the areas of operations management, strategy, product development and international business…. View Article

Employment Relations

Introduction: This essay will discuss the two different management approaches towards to the recent industrial action taken against Lend Lease and identify what differentiate the two approaches. The second part of the essay will provide an argument of how applying these approaches from the upper management could potentially change the outcome of the industrial action… View Article

Assessing the Goal of Sports Products, Inc

Sports Products Inc. is a large producer of boating equipments and accessories. The two key players within this organization is Loren Segura who works as a Clerical assistant in the accounting department and Dale Johnson who works in the shipping department. Both team members had a concern about the company profits and was equally concerned… View Article

Study Skills: Managing Time as an Adult Learner

One of the components of a successful lifestyle is the ability to learn. The ability to learn broadens the horizons to the point where even the moon is a possible point of destination. Since that destination was reached, ordinary people are trying to conquer what was once beyond their reach. For example, businessmen started to… View Article

E-Project Management

Information is king to any business. Optimum utilization of information for efficient and timely retrieval is crucial to every business and people for their well being and proper nurturing. Every business functions with knowledge and effective use of it reflects in solving issues and conflicts. Every enterprise places great importance for its customers who drive… View Article

Effects of Societal Changes in Management Practices

Companies are faced with the need to uplift competitive standards through implementation of measures that take care of the demands and challenges brought about by societal changes. The changing societal trends should be accompanied by changes in management practices. The changes covers the areas of responsibilities such as strategic planning, reinforcing the values and ethical… View Article

The 7s Model in Theory

The 7s Model was introduced for the first time in 1981, by Richard Pascale and Anthony Athos. McKinsey, an American consultancy bureau, adopted the model, used it frequently and made it one of the best-known management models in the world. The 7s Model stands for seven aspects where an organization should pay attention to, in… View Article


Many companies, especially SMEs, have a management that leaves much to say in its management, neglecting many aspects that cannot be ignored again before the commitment to ensuring a productive performance, which may lead to the expected results obtained and properly established in its objectives and mission. When you venture into them is detected organizational… View Article

Shurgard Case

Question 1: What is your genetal assessment of Shurgard’s business? How has it performed, to date, in the US? Before performing any detailed valuation analysis, do you expect Shurgard to succeed in Europe? Our assessment of Shurgard’s business is that it is a company which has taken advantage of every single opportunity it has had. We… View Article

Sop for Mba Students

“It is important to sometimes experience failure to completely value success. ” Wallowing in self-pity at that moment I didn’t completely comprehend the strength of my father’s encouraging words, but three and a half years later I am a living example of the same. One of the lowest phases of my life was when after… View Article

Discussion Questions

DQ #1: Select a small business that you may want to start. What is strategic management and planning? Why would a strategic plan be important to the success of this business? How are the four functions of management relative to creating and implementing a strategic plan? I want to start an e-commerce sales business. The… View Article