Management Essay Topics

Generation Gap: Mentors and Proteges

When baby boomers reach retirement age; they start mentoring their replacements called generation Xers. Some boomers face difficulties in this process. William Slater; a computer engineer; faced problems while he was participating in his company’s formal mentoring program. One of his students tried to take his place in the organization by reporting negatively about him…. View Article

Zara: IT for Fast Fashion

1. Is Zara’s use of IT different from similar firms? First, I would like to highlight Zara’s business model and their business practices which are different from its competitors, from which I will draw comparison on use of IT among these firms. Zara’s business model and business idea are different from many of its peers…. View Article

Biometrics Identification Attendance Monitoring System

Time is a special resource that you cannot store or save for later use. Everyone has the exact same amount of time each day. Time not well used cannot be retrieved. Most people feel like they have too much to do and not enough time. They blame lack of time for their poor finances, unachieved… View Article

California Pizza Kitchen

A company’s strategic choices shape how that firm will operate and react to the use of its own resources as well as the affects of external factors. These choices are typically broken down into one of our distinct strategies (cost leadership, differentiation, niche focus, and first mover’s advantage) and applied as management sees fit. In… View Article

Downsizing: the Financial and Human Implications

This essay examines the effects of downsizing with regard to the human and financial implications. Since the mid to late 1980s, downsizing has “transformed the corporate landscape and changed the lives of hundreds of millions of individuals around the world” (Gandolfi, 2008, p. 3). For the purposes of this essay, downsizing is defined as the… View Article

Critical Analysis of the Nut Island Effect

The Nut Island Effect (NIE) is a sad but true outcome of what happens when communication breakdown within an organization. The following is a critical analysis of the events that ended in a terrible catastrophe at the Nut Island treatment plant. In our analysis we will cover the following topics as well as reference supporting… View Article

Mission Critical: A Closer Look into the Performance Appraisal Process

The performance management cycle begins with objective setting where the appraisee ought to be oriented about performance expectations for the given performance period. Throughout the period, performance is measured officially through the performance appraisal exercise, where the appraiser is given the chance to give performance feedback through an interview. The performance management system is meaningfully… View Article

People at Work

There are many styles of management that produces different kinds of results. If not done right, it would either be too much or too little, bringing out effects such as being less creative, however efficient or being more creative but less efficient. Wanting to bring out the best of our employees, innovation in management tends… View Article

Patching: Restitiching Business Portfolios in Dynamic Markets

The article “Patching: Restitiching Business Portfolios in Dynamic Markets” by Eisenhardt and Brown is awe-inspiring job, because the authors attract readers’ attention to portfolio development as a skill. Further, they have succeeded in defining patching as “adding, splitting, transferring, exiting, or combining chunks of businesses”. It is necessary to outline that the article provides general… View Article

Decreasing Charge Method

Companies have a choice among the many methods available with which to allocate the cost of fixed assets they have acquired. One of type of these methods is the decreasing charge methods consisting of sum-of-the-years’-digits and declining-balance method (author 525). Under these methods, the company allocates a higher portion of the cost of the asset… View Article

Outline for an Informal Report

This report is designed to study and critically analyze the economic and management problems being currently encountered by the Roanoke Branch of Phoenix Advertising particularly in their employee management approach and the relationship between the management and the subordinate employees. Classification / Division I. Background information about the agency is as follows: The agency being… View Article

Organizing and Controlling are Related

Functions of management consist of organizing, planning, controlling, staffing, delegation and leading. (Koontz & Weihrich, 2000). These functions work together simultaneously as one can assist in the functioning of the other hence all managerial functions are important for the function. By this the opinion is that the function of organizing and controlling are related. These… View Article

Dynamics and Conflict within a Team

The team concept is not an unfamiliar one. We are surrounded by teams from the time we take our first breath until the time we leave this Earth. Doctors, nurses, aides, dieticians, housekeeping, and others all exhibited a collaborative effort to ensure our arrival into the world was a safe and successful journey. Our adventures… View Article

Theories of Scientific Management

As I read our text, I discovered that a thoroughly studying and testing different work, methods to identify the best, most efficient way to complete a job is considered Scientific Management. This approach studied the way in which workers performed in an attempt to make the organization run more efficient. Different tasks were broken down… View Article

Legal Implicaiotn of human resource management

A union is an organization of workers, acting collectively, seeking to promote and protect its mutual interests through collective bargaining. However, before we can examine the activities surrounding the collective bargaining process, it is important to understand the laws that govern the labor-management process, what unions are and how employees unionize. Although the current percentage… View Article

Is Strategic Leadership Necessary to Effectively Manage Global Strategy in Today’s

Critically evaluate whether strategic leadership is necessary to effectively manage global strategy in today’s turbulent business environment In today’s environment, companies need more and more flexibility to success in a rapidly changing world which evolves constantly over the year. It is interesting to speculate if a strategic leader is necessary to lead the company to… View Article

Checkpoint: Financial Management Goals

It is sometimes suggested that the most important goal for financial management is to earn the highest possible profit for the company. However, the key is to use that in setting a goal for the firm. The main measure of performance is how the earnings are valued by the investor. It is important to an… View Article

Hospital Glove Supply Chain Proposal

Team A Hospital has been a successful hospital in San Francisco, California for a number of years. The hospital has often been at the cutting edge of exciting and new technology but as with many other organizations the downturn in the economy has affected the hospital’s bottom line. The CEO of Team A Hospital is… View Article

American Electronics International

1. Whose responsibility is it to staff the office? In this case, it appears that it is the CEO of AEI. He would be the head of the matrix system at this point. 2. What should be Blen Carty’s role, as well as that of Dr. Runnels? Blen Carty is the director of project management…. View Article

The Importance of Conducting a Site Visit

The following pages have for purpose to outline and explain in detail the important aspects of conducting a site visit when organising an event. Executing a physical inspection of potential venues where to hold an event points out whether a particular venue is suitable or not for the purposes and theme of the specific venue…. View Article

Manage People Performance

It is important when allocating work to ensure that resources are appropriately allocated and that they are available for use as and when they are needed. When drawing up a plan you need to focus on what you want to achieve, what you can do to achieve it and what might happen while you are… View Article

Managing Organization Change

Organization change occurs due to various reasons that the management sets up in order to improve its performance. Management change requires thoughtful planning from the management and also sensitive implementation of the changes. The management also has to consult and involve the people who are going to be affected by the implementation of those changes…. View Article

Organizational Commitment

The focal point of effective human resource management (HRM) is on managing people within the employer-employee relationship. As banks are considered a very critical industry of the economy, it is important that the workforces supporting these banks are well motivated and are effective in delivering the necessary work output. It includes the productive utilization of… View Article

How a Ups Manager Can Cut Turnover

1. In Buffalo New York, UPS operations prime objective was to find a way to fix the fifty percent a year turnover rate that costs them millions of dollars per year. To do this the company promoted Jennifer Shroeger to District Manager. The first thing she needed to do is to find what was costing… View Article

How Can the Uncertainty Map Help Managers

1. How can the uncertainty map help managers? Pearson’s uncertainty map provides a framework for analyzing and understanding uncertainty in the innovation process. It addresses the nature of the uncertainty and the way it changes over time, and provides managers with knowledge to make a decision and transform ideas into innovation. It also determines the… View Article

Virtual Teams and Virtual Project Management

Like it or not, the marketplace is becoming global and many companies are taking note. The world is represented by a technological environment that changes at unprecedented speeds; seemingly overnight. The Internet and collaborative software have made it easier and faster to communicate across vast distances. Many companies have switched to complex and flexible organizational… View Article

Is Management an Art or a Science

One of the enduring questions in the field of management is whether it is an art or a science. In order to be able discuss whether management is an art or a science we need to define what ‘management’, ‘art’ and ‘science’ are. Management is a set of activities (including planning and decision making, organizing,… View Article

Comprehensive Plan to Improve Human Resources

Whole Foods Market- a company that doesn’t think of itself as a company, but as a community of people working to make a difference in the world. At Whole Foods, the mission matters as much as the bottom line. But who is Whole Foods Market, and how does their Human Resource Management (HRM) play a… View Article

Trace the Phases of Evolution of Human Resource Management

The historical development of human relations knowledge applied to job setting warrants some attention in any book about human relations. Any history of the application of systematic knowledge about human behaviour to the job must use some arbitrary milestones. For instance, the crew chiefs concerned with constructing the Egyptian pyramids must have had useful informal… View Article