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Management Style Essay

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Management style is the method of leadership that an administrator usually employs when running a business. Depending on business situation, a manager might need to employ more than one management style in a more or less formal way to accomplish the highest degree of effectiveness In their role. A range of management styles exist, such as active leadership, democratic leadership, directive leadership, paternalistic leadership, participatory leadership, servant leadership, and task-oriented leadership.

Active leaders tend to lead by example and set a high standard for themselves and their employees.

They wouldn’t ask an employee to take on a task they would be reluctant to do themselves. Democratic leaders seek to take all stakeholders’ opinion into account and achieve consensus before reaching a final decision. Although directive leaders are less authoritative than autocratic managers, they do not typically seek employees input. They often cite a short timeframe, and unpredictable client or an emergency situation as the reason for acting unilaterally.

Participatory leaders are based on a coaching philosophy and focuses on empowering employees to seek their own knowledge and make their own decisions.

It can be very effective in fluid work environments with shifting priorities. Servant leaders are based on a “people-come-first” philosophy. This style is about finding the most talented people to fun your organization and then empowering them to do what they do best. Paternalistic leaders are also similar to autocratic managers, except more sensitive to employees’ perspective.

Managers who embrace this style are concerned with employees’ feeling and wellbeing. Task-oriented leaders may have once been project managers. They are experts in planning projects, allocating resources, assigning roles, setting benchmarks and keeping to strict deadlines. Management is about getting things done. Leadership is about achieving goals by creating a direction for a business and inspiring employees to take initiative and make the right decision.

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