Management Policy & Strategy Essay

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Management Policy & Strategy

Management Policy and Strategies course was very interesting and at the same time important for my career goal. I really wasn’t sure what I was going into when I signed up for this course, however I was able to learn much from it, thanks to Professor Dennis Strouble and all of my wonderful classmates. The position that I hold currently at my place of employment is Program Coordinator, however the duties that I am responsible for fall under a manager’s position, therefore I am able to bring information that I have learned in this class to my work place. SWOT analysis section of this course was also very interesting. Even though I had heard of the SWOT analysis before, I really didn’t pay too much mind to it, but now that I took this course I am more knowledgeable about it. Because I can implement SWOT analysis into not only at my workplace but in my personal life, as well, therefore I consider it very important to know. SWOT stands for: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Knowing this information and the meaning to it will make me able to input analysis into what I currently do now and in the future. Performing internal and external analysis is an important factor to when managing a business or even a department. Since job plays a manager role, I will be able to perform duties and really look at the department policies and tasks processes and analyze the internal and external areas within the program organization. I deal with low-income families, monthly and quarterly reporting, day-to-day administration, finance, etc. and learning everything I learned in this course will make a positive input to the program, to the organization and most importantly to the federal fund institution that is funding our program. Understanding implementation is an important key to my job. Implementing new ideas and processes is part of my job daily. Therefore, with all the information that I learned which I have not mentioned all, these are some important factors that I will be able to utilize in the business that I am currently in moving forward. Having a professor that actually cares and enjoys teaching (and does a great job at it) really helped me understand the material. I do appreciate the time and effort that you have provided for my classmates and me.

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