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Management, Personal Relationship and Decision Making Essay

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The concept of interpersonal relationships and management involves ideas, taught, and beliefs that are related with social association and affiliations which are employed as approached to marketing, operations, training, management and executive decision (Giddens, 2001). These taught and perceptions constitute different philosophies used by various organizations that create a harmonious place for members and personnel. These beliefs allow the organization’s business to improve.

Business improves since personnel performances are able to maximize their potential because people are working perfectly as a team.

It is no secret that in order for business to be successful, management plays a very important role (Virine, 2007). Thus, for business to prosper, philosophy in management should be carefully taken into consideration (Virine, 2007).

             In order to successfully manage an activity or personnel it is important that a manager is strong-willed, determined and possessed the “drive” needed to achieve the desired goal.  It is significant that a person should do a specific thing really well. In order to achieve this, a fine plan should be accomplished and when the plan is executed it is necessary that the plan is strictly followed.

It is also important that the existing plan can adapt to changes that when problems are encountered, it can easily be resolved. Also in managing, it will be fitting to add that it is not enough that a person would know how to do things correctly, but it would be a welcome addition to recognize that a person knows how to things better.

            A person should understand and put into his mind that there are occasions when great just isn’t good enough. He should not settle for less instead strive and work harder to deliver and perform things way beyond what people have expected. He should not be satisfied by saying “this will already do” and “this is alright”. He should always work to be the best.

Being the best should not be the endpoint that will mark the conclusion of a venture, but it should be a starting point of something that is great. Through sheer innovation one should take something that works, it could be ideas, or various products such as electric appliances, glassware or simple things like papers and plastics, then transform them and improve them to something that is really unexpected. A person should always try to work to achieve excellence.

            However, in order to properly manage things there are other factors that should be taken into account. One major factor is inter-personal relationship. Relationship with others influences the way we manage things our everyday life (Kahneman, 2000). It is because of our relationship to our love ones that we strive to make things better. It is because of these people who are close to us and we hold dearly in our hearts that we struggle in order to create a better living condition. Because of them we “shoot for the stars” and aim for the best. Furthermore, our relationship in our workplace with fellow personnel and with the manager dictates the success or the failure of an activity.

As mentioned before, it is important to achieve a working area that is surrounded by people which are friendly and are always prepared in lending help. Somehow, they can be your family that during the most challenging times in the work one would have somebody to lean on (Lauria, 1964). They would provide you support and the much needed boost during office hours.

With someone to call on, personnel can fully utilize their skills and maximize their talents. Workers do not need to be worry of accidents that may happen, since a sense of security and protection is given to them, as a result they become more focused. Also, in return workers and personnel would work doubly harder to showcase their affection to the people who have helped them in work and their gratitude to the organization and their bosses.

Another essential issue that arises from the proper managing of things is decision making. Making a sound decision is hard and when at one point an organization has arrived to a decision, it is always certain that not everyone would be pleased, there would always be contentions. Generally, there are no rules that would make a person a good decision –maker (Plous, 1993). There are always risks that are involved and often times these risks impose immense problems that lead to the downfall of what seems a fair decision at the beginning.

There are, however things that can help a person in making decision. Information should first be gathered and accumulated about the issue at hand. Careful study and precautions must be done to properly weigh things. In making a decision it is important to first ask who will be affected once the decision is handed out. Then, we should also understand who will benefit and to whom the decision is detrimental. In making a decision, one should decide for the good of majority and sacrifice his own self interest. To be a good decision maker one needs to be self-less. It is a noble act, a supreme sacrifice.

A situation that recently took place in my office is the grudge that happens between two of my colleagues. The conflict occurs because of a misunderstanding for the division of labor in the office. Due to the misunderstanding, a part of the job was left undone. When the deadline arrives and portion of their proposal was still incomplete, pressure started to build up and emotions run high. As a result, a dispute between them existed. For a period of one month or so they started not to talk with each other after their proposal was dumped.

Since, both are my friends and I am the one who is being caught from their fight I decided to talk to them and invite them to be part of a project that was assigned to me. Although they were hesitant to work with each other, I convinced them telling they are the most trusted person I knew that could help me and the only person which fitted the job. Professional as they are, they put aside their differences, and worked as a real team.

With me calling the shots, and making sure everything is carefully attended and no single detail taken for granted we finished an astonishing job with lots of time to spare. We can infer that by setting aside their argument and their pride for a better cause, and giving each other another chance to work a fine output is achieved. They decided to be selfless and put the organization on top of their priority.


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