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Management of Service Operations

Categories Management, Service

Essay, Pages 3 (630 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (630 words)

“Roti” (means Bread in Hindi) was started by two fiends (partners) on July 15th 2007. “Roti” started its operations with 5 employees, including 1 head cook, 1 junior cook, 1 receptionist, 1 waiter and 1 dishwasher. The restaurant is meant for dining in, home delivery and also take away. Restaurant is serving high quality food cooked with best ingredients. As most of the advertisement of the restaurant is through word of mouth, Roti did sufficient promotion by distributing leaflets, fliers and even advertise through local newspapers, posters and banner ads.

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The restaurant is located at Smithfield court’s shopping plaza in Kennedy Town, which is mainly the residential area and is away for commercial area. The owner told me that they are not getting a good response from the local residents as there are not many customers enjoying the environment and food at “Roti” even though they are focusing on local residents and office employees in Kennedy Town, as there are not many Indian restaurants in this area.

He told me that there are only few customers attending the restaurant in lunch hour’s and they are mainly office employees, people who are working in some commercial offices in the area. I have seen that “Roti” has everything that a good restaurant should have. Roti have high standard dining area with enough seating. The food served at the restaurant is of high quality and the employees at Roti are trying their best to make every customer experience unique by being alert during the service operation.

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The service quality and is good and quick. According to my research on the restaurant there is a high fluctuation in its sales pattern and this is due to the change in number of customers attending the restaurant. There wasn’t any big change in customers attending the restaurant for first few weeks, but the numbers start going up and down after 4th week.

As I have been employed the service operations consultant for “Roti”, after analyzing all the main “Management of Service Operations” factors such as service quality, service process, service layout, service speed and the service location and after doing a survey with local people and some customers, I have found that they are satisfied with the quality of food, standard of service, customer service, staff behavior, dining environment, but they are not happy with the restaurants location, they told me that there is not enough parking space near the restaurant and most of the times they have to park their cars far away from restaurant.

As many of the customers are local office employees, they have told me that they prefer office delivery for the food because they do not want to travel to the restaurant as it as at far away from their offices. So after analyzing the main “MSO” factors and surveying the local public, I have come to a conclusion that the most fatal problem is with the location of the business. We can see that there are not many local residents enjoying the services at the restaurant and people who comes there are mainly the employees working in that area and there are not many office buildings in that area.

Now after the research and knowing the fact management is thinking about to relocate the business. The location theory It was once thought “If you build, they will come”. We know that the physical location of business facilities can have a significant impact on the success of an organization. A mistake in a location is not easily overcome. Business success often is being “in the right place at the right time. ” For service operations such as a restaurant, hotel or retail store, being in the right place usually means in a location that is convenient and easily accessible to customers.

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