Management of Security Essay

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Management of Security

Sever security is instrumental in enhancing authentication, authorization, and control of access to the network from a localized point. Therefore, implementation and management of security on windows server 2003 administration is important first because it enables easy and coherent configuring and maintenance of security setting and software installation on computer network systems. The quest for implementing security on windows server 2003 administration is failure by Microsoft to provide a single mechanism for security related settings configuration (Bragg, & Hunt, 2005).

The security components are attached to the server externally, a factor which makes remote monitoring and control of connections to the network by the server impossible without them. In addition, management of security in windows server 2003 is important in protecting the privacy and confidence of network users. Internet access has been on the rise in the community, an element that threatens confidentiality of computer information. Such are due to hacking and infecting of personal computers by malicious computer programs.

On the other hand, security management in windows server 2003 administration serves the purpose of mitigating unauthorized access into the network. Moreover, this can also function to identify and prevent malicious computer programs from compromises services of the network users. Another important aspect of implementing and managing security in windows server 2003 is that it promotes monitoring and control of the network even when the server is offline. Employing security settings like Baseboard Management Controller hardware for example enables independent communication with remote computer.

In return, this effectively enhances the process of remotely identifying errors and initiating response by the network administrator (McCann, Eckert, & Schitka, 2005). Therefore, security implementation and management in windows server 2003 administration serves to reliability and efficiency service provision. References Bragg, R. , & Hunt, C. (2005). Windows Server 2003 Network Administration. Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly. McCann, B. , Eckert, J. , & Schitka, J. (2005). Managing a Microsoft Windows server 2003 Network, Enhanced. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

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