Management of Human, Physical and Technological Resources

Discuss how the management of human, physical and technological resources can improve the performance of a chosen organisation In this task, I am going to show and discuss how Jaguar Land Rover manages the 3 main kinds of resources. Ensuring that the human, physical and technological resources are carried out correctly can increase the performance of Jaguar Land Rover. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is a company developed around two great British vehicle brand names that design, engineer and manufacture in the UK.

Jaguar Land Rover is part of Tata Motors, India’s biggest car business.

Jaguar Cars Limited is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end sports saloons and cars, whilst Land Rover is a world prominent maker of premium 4×4’s based in the United Kingdom. The Land Rover, in specific, over its 60 year long history has actually been renowned for its relationship with the planet. The group’s tactical technique has actually greatly minimised the effect of their cars on the environment, either through their e-Terrain technologies, more sustainable production, CO2 balancing out, or conservation and humanitarian jobs.

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Jaguar Land Rover’s sustainability governance structure belongs to the reason that sustainability is so embedded tactically in the method they operate. Person Resources This covers all aspects of HR, including operational assistance, recruitment and advancement. The Personnels can enhance the JLR’s performance in numerous ways. There are two main procedures which are looked at when handling personnels. The most essential is to utilize they correct individuals for the task, individuals that will perform the task role correctly.

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Jaguar Land Rover takes on a limited number of design graduates into one of three different design areas: * Colour and materials * Digital and clay modelling * Surfacing Design graduates will be closely involved with creating the look and feel of vehicles, both internally and externally. Throughout Jaguar Land Rover, people experience moments of inspiration and progress like these every day. Individually, they define careers. Together, they’re the driving force behind the astonishing growth in over 170 countries around the world. People matter in JLR. There organisation’s capability and vision have been he power behind their recent success, and are key to their future. We need to create a positive, supportive environment capable of attracting, developing and retaining the best people possible. This is what they’ll be fundamental in doing. Working across the business, they’ll help them find innovative new ways to source, engage and nurture employees. They’ll develop themselves too, by thinking commercially and gaining technical skills that will prove invaluable long into their future. As there remarkable growth continues the challenges them face will just keep on getting bigger and more exciting.

And when it all comes together – when a project you’ve worked on makes a visible and positive impact on our business – it’ll be a moment you’ll never forget. Staff journey begin thorough introduction to both brands, followed by carefully planned development throughout their time on the programme. This will include support to achieve any professional accreditation they’ll need. At every stage, JRL will be given the support and freedom to achieve their full potential. And, as people expect from an internationally successful business, the rewards and benefits are outstanding.

They include a competitive salary and pension scheme, joining bonus and an employee car purchase scheme. The longer that people work in a job, or different jobs they will start to gain accumulated experience, they will start to learn how to deal with certain issues that may come up in their job. This is a major benefit to the company, as more and more people stay at the company so wills the experience. The people with experience will be placed as mangers so that they can have an influence on their own sector or department.

It is very important for the organization to build up the skills of peoples so that they can deal with certain issues that arisen the business. It would be wise to train more than a few people at certain things, for instance in their absence, there should be somebody to handle that specific area. If an experienced person was to leave the organization it would beard to find another person that would be able to fulfil that job role with the same amount of skill as the previous person. Cascading training is the process in which training is passed on throughout the workforce, so that a backup is available when one is needed.

To grow their business and bring their vehicles to life, it takes exceptional people. In Jaguar and Land Rover HR look at following things also:- Working right across an exceptionally broad HR career path, they’ll take on challenges such as: * Negotiating change with JLR Trade Unions * Advising Board Directors on business unit organization * Producing training and development programmers * Building positive senior relationships throughout the business * Managing the performance, and developing the skills, of employees throughout the business. Physical Resources

When looking at the physical resources of the JLR, we look at the procedures that it undertakes to carry out its activities. Improvements can be made to make sure that these resources are maintained, refurbished and secured. All businesses need premises where they can operate from. These buildings can have a strong affect on the people that either work there, or the customers of the company. Having building located in strong economic areas is also very important for the business, so that many people will be attracted to it, as well as see it as an important building in the area.

Importance of how JLR layout their stores all over the country no doubts shows in its success. The building has proper heating system and other accessories to attract the attention of the customers. Once they have chosen the car that they wish to purchase. In businesses like JLR, they would need to be aesthetically pleasing to the customers, being attracted to the building will naturally result in them proceeding into the building. Improvements should be made in the materials and waste in JLR. Undoubtedly this would both save the economy as well as money for the business. JLR has many stores, warehouses and factories.

These building will all need to cope with different activities that will need to be completed. The plant will be the place where the machinery for these places will be placed. Although some companies take their machinery on lease, JLR sees best to buy the machinery. The correct equipment is essential for a business such as JLR to operate smoothly. If the necessary equipment is not given then this can result in the incompletion of the task which was required, this can have more impact on The Company then some may think. IT is one of the most important, many business fail without it. JLR has a ery good IT system, which consist of both hardware and software, which carry out their main jobs of looking after the amount of stock in the stores, the days cash intake, and many other important functions that the company needs. Hardware is the physical items, computers, monitors, things that are visible to people. Software would be the systems that the computer runs on, Microsoft and other applications. Making sure that all of the buildings in the JLR Empire are maintained and updated if necessary is one thing that the company could not survive without. All of the 24 hour factories will always have their premises checked.

If the correct maintenance does not take place then the machinery or the buildings can break down, leading to much more hefty cost with replacing them. Cleaning of the buildings is important in keeping it safe to work in and healthy for the people who work there. Refurbishment of the company consists When the company seems they want to change the appearance of their stores whether it be to the customers in the stores, or for the workers in the other associated buildings. Keeping the buildings fresh will encourage people to enjoy their workplace and result in people working harder.

Refurbishment can also have an impact on the environment as well as people, as old resources can be replaces with eco-friendly or energy saving ones. To ensure that the workers and the customers of JLR are safe at all times Emergency Provisions will be there in case of an emergency. Evacuation training must be given to all of the employees, so that they know exactly what to do in case of a fire or any other incidence. Other equipment to prevent harm will be placed in the store, such as, fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire escapes and fire extinguishers.

To ensure that these are working at all times, regular checks will need to be made. Insurance is a must with all building, whether there leased or owned by the company. This is to cover any damages. Protecting the assets of the company is very important because if any of these were vandalized, they can claim the damage costs back. The building must be made secured at all times, when the employees finish their shift at night; they must lock the premises up so that no intruder can enter. Although this is not always the case, people still somehow find a way in, this is why security guards are hired.

The company can also get advice from big security companies about how they can keep their business locked and secure. Technological Resources When looking at resources which are technological, there are many improvements that can be made in JLR. Technological resources would not be hardware; they would fall under the category of software. They are managed in similar ways to other resources to ensure that they are not damaged, and if there is a newer version an update can be made. Intellectual property is the right in which people can own idea’s and decide what happens to them.

Software is used in JLR a lot, and the company spends a lot of money on software for its business. Bespoke software is sometimes very important to businesses; the reason for this is because it is a piece of software that is specifically designed for a business. Software that isn’t bespoke, but owned by people is also used, and to use this JLR must pay a fee for the software license so that they can distribute it to all of their stores. When companies buy these licenses, they usually get a discount due to the bulk amount of computers that they wish to install the software onto.

Some company’s run the software on more computers they claim to be, and in these cases they are breaking the law, although this can work both ways, as the companies can charge too much. Software audits can save a vast amount of money for the company, to see which computers need new software and which don’t. Using legislation to protect the technological resources of the company is very important although it is always hard to tell whether people have taken your idea, it is always hard to find the perpetrators. Patents and Copyrights are different area’s which fall under intellectual property law.

Patents are protection for inventions, new or improved. And copyright protects the use of graphical images, or literary, songs software and films. Conclusion This activity is carried out through a process of cross-function or cross departmental working. Staff from different sections of a business come together to identify and address issues related to the company’s logistics, employee relations, stakeholder engagement and organisational development. Staff are recruited to meet demands of the organisation and often a team leader is selected to co-ordinate objectives, e. g. to set and meet achievable goals.

Team performance is monitored in bite sizes to keep abreast of developments. Team members will liaise with other departments to avoid the silo effect form of productivity, i. e. to keep in the loop of events in the business environment. JLR make a series of strategic senior hires to affect particular objectives, e. g. a company may employ a senior manager to handle IT strategy formulation and implementation. This action is intended to encourage competition and increase productivity.

All the data created or generated will be stored up as intellectual property and perhaps legal steps will be taken to protect material, e. . designs and text. The information will have come from a range of individuals who have come together as a group to provide accumulated experience and skills. For instance members of a Board may have worked within the organisation over a series of years in different roles. Other areas of physical resource include maintenance of a JLR’s building and facilities, e. g. an organisation may need to employ a policy and compliance officer to write and maintain a register of clear concise and easy to use documents as required by service operations of the business and government standards.

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