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Why is management needed at Barton on sea?

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My aim is to find out and explore why management is needed at Barton On Sea? To do this I will be examining these two questions:

What is the evidence that erosion is a problem?

What sort of management is needed for the people who visit the coast?

This is a reasonable if not good topic to investigate because I will be finding out the problems that are arising at Barton and different ways to solve them.

The geographical ideas that I will be using in my study will be cliff erosion, wave action, long shore drift, beach replenishment, managed retreat, wave refraction and others.

They will be extremely relevant to my investigation because I will be looking at each one and examining why management is needed at Barton on sea?



Look at geography terms book

My fieldwork took place at Barton on sea, from the dates – date. I visited Barton on sea 2 the first time was a trip, the second time was for my coursework while taken my notes I found out a lot of important things such as:

The cliff at Barton is made up of sand and clay and between the sand pebbles.

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The cliff is very unconsolidated(loose). The sandy rock is sitting on top of the clay, when it rains the rain seeps through the sandy rock to the clay. Cliff top

Sandy rock when it rains the

Water slips through this sandy rock into the sandy rock


The clay gets heavy and slippery clay

The sand has nothing to hold it so it slips down.

The whole of the Barton on sea cliffs are like the above.

There are two types of erosion that is happening here the first one is Marine erosion

The sea attacking base of the cliff. The second is Sub-arial erosion. The waves are coming in at an angle because long shore drift moves waves up the beach.

The reason for little sand at Barton on sea is due to what happened with Bournemouth. Bournemouth did not like the fact that longshore drift was taken their sand to Barton on sea. So they built a huge concrete wall to stop longshore drift because of this human involvement they have stopped the amount of sand that comes into the shores at Barton on sea, so there is no replenishment of beach at Barton on sea.

There have been a few types of protection methods tried at Barton on sea these are:

* Built groynes

* Put many groynes in

* Put drain in the cliff

* Since 1970 slip they have spent another 30 million pounds.

* Most of this money went to ric-racs(huge boulders)


These maps are to show the area that I did for my fieldwork:

The place where the arrow is pointing is the place where I did my fieldwork.

The map below is a closer map of the map above mainly focused on Barton on sea.

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