Management Concepts Essay

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Management Concepts

Case for critical thinking: A flood of decisions

1. What information sources (or potential information sources) could have been used to assist with the decision-making process for Wivenhoe Dam in this case? Potential information sources that could have been used to assist with the decision-making process for Wivenhoe Dam -SEQWater

-Sought advice from Water Grid Manager
-Water Commission
-DERM (Department of Environmental Resource Management)

Managerial decision-making
Problem avoiders
Problem solvers
Problem seekers
Approaches to decision making
Classical decision model
Behavioral decision model
Judgmental decision model

2. With references to decision-making theory covered in the chapter, describe the type of managerial decision-making evident in this case, and the conditions under which decisions were made.

Managerial Decision Making
*Problem avoidably
*Problem solvers
*Problem seekers

Decision conditions:
*Certain environment
*Risk environment
*Uncertain environment

3. Evaluate the decisions made in the case in relation to the classical, behavioural and judgmental heuristics approaches to decision-making that are outlined in the chapter. Which model do you believe best describes the situation and subsequent decision-making process in this case? Justify your answer?

Approaches to decision making

^Classical decision model
^Behavioral decision model
^Judgmental decision model

Case decision
*Classical decision model

Problem: it was the flood that damage Brisbane and Ipswich
Possible alternative: Not releasing flood waters.
Consequently threatened stability of dam
Optimizing decision: Release of flood waters being aware of potential damage.

SWOT Analysis:

*New technology
*They set priorities
*Manage time

Lack of communication

Problem solving
*Professional engineer

Natural disaster (climate change)
Damage roads and homes.
People should make wise decision to save the lifes of the others.

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