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Management Change Assignment

If changes are occurring In your organization – strategic changes, tactical changes, leadership changes, technology changes – then those changes are going to have Impacts and effects on your people and processes (among other areas). To help minimize those impacts and effects, from having unintended negative outcomes, it is necessary to have “change management” methodologies in place with skilled resources delivering and executing on those methodologies, principles and processes.

This helps to minimize possible negative outcomes and Increase positive results. There are In total four types of organizational management change: Tuning, Reorientation, Adaptation and Re-creation.

As the organization I am staying in is a global logistic company, it has a lot of branches all over tee world, management changes occurred frequently in this organization. I Just take a example that related to the types for management changes: “Tuning” and is currently undergoing.

Tuning is change that occurs when there is no immediate requirement to change. It involves seeking better ways of achieving and/or defending the strategic vision, for example Improving policies, methods, procedures; introducing new technologies; redesigning processes to reduce cost.

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Time to market and so on; or developing people with required competencies. The chosen organization actually developed a new technology called “Expo Branch Reporting” system to help redesigning processes to reduce operation time.

This software was actually developed my my organization’s information system(S) department, and it’s a summarized reporting system that can run out those missing documents in system, dally shipment pre-alert by the other orally offices, some Important event code which missed out to updated In system and so on.

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This new change In system convenience us a lot, as all the processes set up perfectly in the system and we only need to click a button, the final report will automatically run out. It also shorter the employees’ operation time and make the working process more efficiently.

Undertake a brief analysis of the current nature of the external environment facing the organization. Use the headings Political, Economic, Technological and Socio-cultural (PEST) to structure your answer. Say whether each factor you Identify presents an opportunity to the organization and which presents a threat. Rank these factors in order of their ability to impact the organization. PEST analysis is a simple and effective tool used in situation analysis to identify the key external (macro environment level) forces that might affect an organization.

These forces can create both opportunities and threats for an organization. Figure 1 . Macro environment forces affecting a firm (PEST forces Including legal, environmental, ethical and demographic forces) I think political has the most important factor that can impact the organization. Here we Just list down some politics can impact logistic industries directly: Tax policy (rate ND incentives): it always influence the import goods cost, higher tax may cause a higher custom clearance cost, logistic company which involved in the process of custom clearance need to raise the selling rate due too rising on import tax.

Tariffs: We Just use airfreight as example in my organization, a change of global tariffs may need to a higher cost in airfreight charges between origin and destination cities, as our customer are mostly long-term relationship which still remain the same selling rates base on the contract. Obviously, this change may suffer a lost to the organization Import restrictions: Import restrictions such as Quality, Quantity or control goods may delay the goods from deliver to consignee.

Government involvement in trade union and agreement: for example, Singapore have established a lot of free-trade-zone, means those cargo from the other countries can free storage in this certain area in a limited timing. This may help logistic industries develop more business in Singapore, as Singapore become a very good transition station for cargoes due to government’s free-trade-zone policy Technological Technological is also a very important force that may impact the organization.

As for this chosen organization is a logistic industry,new technology such as tracking system, trade net software an Sap, they were widely used in all the logistic industries and they are very important in order to achieve customer expectation and in time delivery. Economic Actually economic stability can impact all the goods and services in market. Of course even logistic cannot spared, especially those listed enterprises. Economic always refer to inflation rate, interest rate and exchange rate, which all important factors that may impact nation’s export and import, an recession economic may lead a lower hinted volume.

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