Management Challenges and Concerns Report Essay

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Management Challenges and Concerns Report

Currently there are several challenges that HRM is facing in business today. This report will focus on two primary challenges, attracting qualified workers and training and development which can directly impact the success of an organization. This report will address the possible causes to these challenges, along with how to address the causes head on to ensure the challenges are leveraged instead of allowing the challenges to negatively impact the organization. Challenges and Possible Causes

Attracting qualified and talented employees is a vital component of an organizations ability to take on new initiatives as well as support exiting business operations. In today’s technologically advanced business world, older strategies to attract qualified workers fall short and can be the main reason an organization is not attracting qualified candidates. Other causes can stem from poorly designed employee benefits and retirement programs and below market salaries. Employee development is another important area to potential candidates and existing employees. The ability to be able to continue educational and professional growth is rated among the top reasons workers will choose one organization over another. (“Society For Human Resource Management”, 2013). This shows how important employee development is to potential employees. Causes which make this a challenging aspect for HRM, is that candidates and employees are consistently looking to further their education and professional skills at some point during their careers so that they can lateral move and peruse advancements within the organization or external promotions. Addressing Causes

The best ways to address the employee development and attracting qualified candidates challenges is to ensure an adequate plan has been initiated to leverage these areas instead of being negatively impacted by inadequately developed programs in these challenging HRM areas. Ensuring the organizations benefits, retirement plans and employee pay is comparable to other business in the same market or better is also suggested in addition to using more technical methods of recruiting such as social media and online job boards and applications. According to “Course Park Learning Networks” (2012), “Many companies are meeting this challenge by providing eLearning opportunities that allow employees to receive the training they need without the expenses associated with travel, on-site trainers, hours away from their jobs and high-priced materials” (5. Training and development. ). Ensuring a robust employee development system is in place for employees to utilize to grow their personal and professional careers is also a way to ensure that this potential challenges is leveraged to the organization advantage. Conclusion

In conclusion this repot has established that HRM is faced with several challenges which can be leveraged by ensuring these challenges are incorporated into a proactively supported part of the organization. This will ensure that the challenges such as attracting qualified workers and employee development are no longer an area of concern as they can now be an area that an organization leverages to ensure continued strategic success is attainable.

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