Management and Project

Project Scope Project Statement This project portfolio will follow these aspects: communication process with the team and communities, Project preparation and planning, project execution, WEBS, management of progress and time frames, supporting aspects e. G. Roles and OFF management and financial control. Project Objectives. The objectives of building a community hall requested by department of public works, also setting up a project team that can be involved in the whole project,. To set up a team that will follow rules and procedures, deliver the project in time.

To sensitive the community on a different way of building using sustainable and CEO friendly materials and professional design. To deliver a quality project on time with without exceeding the project is to set up a project team that can build members names and their responsibilities. Matrix Organization and responsibilities Project title and responsibilities Project Title I Responsibilities I Client (Department of Public works) I Their responsibility is to approve strategies, implementation plan, project scope and milestones, resolving strategic and policy issues.

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Driving and managing change through the organization, they priorities project goals with other ongoing projects, communicating with other key organizational representatives “(2012) principles of management ” I Project Manager (Elm Hating) I They managing and leading the project team, recruiting project staff and consultants, managing co-ordination of the partners and working groups engaged in project work.

Developing and maintaining a detailed project plan, managing project deliverables in the line with the project plan, managing project issues and escalating where necessary, monitoring project progress and performance, providing status report to the project sponsor Managing consultancy input within the defined budget and final approval of the design specification and working closely with users to ensure the project meets business needs.

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2012 principles of management” I Consulting engineer(Godlier Lou) I Ensure that there are clear communication paths within the project team and the organization. Ensure the mandatory engineer’s requirements are met, ensure that the work done meets the required standard. ” 2012 principles of management” I Contractors Main (Managing Construction)Indoctrinators ( Murray ; Robert Construction and I Ensure that the contractor work more closely with the Manganese Construction) project manager to deliver good services. Ensure that they have good quality record of performance. 2012 principles of management” I Project teammate, Mike, Tony, Isaac, Pat, Jerry, Edward, Curtis, Knick, Eric, and mike I I identification and mapping of information needs, defining requirements for reporting and interfacing, communication and analysis of current and future processes, work with users to ensure the project meets business needs. ” 2012 principles of management” I Project Coordinator Master I Sets up and manages support functions covering planning, tracking, reporting, quality management and internal communication.

Produce consolidation reporting to the project board, including milestone summary, key issues, risks, benefits, summary of costs incurred. Establish standard tools and procedures for use on the project, including issue, risk, and change and information management. Manage project library, reviews project activities for compliance with reoccurred and standards, manages data security, software and license control. Project Team Client Department of Public Works Depart Project Manager Knockouts Anything * Project Coordinator Pam Legman * Consulting Engineer Gladstone Sharing * Contractor Managing Construction * Contractor Plumbing Drain surgeon Contractor Steel Mamma construction Contractor Building Murray & Robert Construction Roles Of the project team Project Manager is responsible for managing the work of consultants, allocating and utilizing resources in an efficient manner and maintaining a co-operative, motivated ND successful team and ensure that the project is delivered on time, to budget and to ensure required quality standard with agreed specifications. Project sponsor Is responsible for overseeing the progress of the project and reacting to any strategic problems. Contractor Construction They are hired to build the community hall, their Job is to ensure that the building is done according to the design / or plans.

Working with project manager on a definition of development requirements and priorities. To complete the project in time according to the scope of the project, timeliness. Project engineers he building is done according to a design. To work with the project manager on defining and executing development requirements. Project Coordinator To provide administrative support to the project managers, maintenance of the project, to manage the project library and manage the support and provision of project tools and equipment. Contractor plumbing To ensure that the plumbing is done properly, all the pipes are well connected and the water is flowing accordingly.

Advantages and disadvantages of a matrix Organization Advantages of Matrix organization Better coordination and control; project manager has got responsibility to establish utter coordination and control system in organization. ” Gaur Agrarian (2011 :05)” Adaptable to dynamic environment; the project manager have functional independently and they can get quickly feedback with information related with project. “Gaur Agrarian (2011 :05)” Effective utilization of resources; project structure makes very much effective utilization of resource available. The whole staff along with project manager is specialists in various arrears and has to make maximum utilization of resources. “Gaur Agrarian (2011 :05)” Particular Management; in the organizational structure people work in a project as a team, they participate in cession making and problem solving activity.

They make Joint team effort, they have authority to carry out day to day activity, frequent sharing ideas and opinion with project manager is common. ” Gaur Agrarian (2011 :05)” Sufficient time for top management; project managers are responsible for operation of the project, they have authority to take decisions about day to day activity of project. ” Gaur Agrarian (2011 :05)” Development of team work; Team work is facilitating project organization or matrix organization itself is team work. ” Gaur Agrarian (2011 :05)” Disadvantages of matrix organization Violation of unity of command; they get command from two supervisors, functional or departmental manager and project manager. Gaur Agrarian (2011 :05)” Costly structure; Matrix organizational structure involves huge overhead cost, there will be much paper work and information collection that involves heavy cost. Problem of personalization; matrix organizational structure create problem of over specialization in some situations. Specialist from both functional project works gather to show many complex problems of the organization. “Gaur Agrarian (2011 :05)” Difficult to balance; there will be two types of specialist functional; and project peccaries, to make a balance between these two specialist is a difficult task, high level of interpersonal skill or specialist is required to balance these two types of experts and maintain balance between project authority and functional authority is also difficult task. Gaur Agrarian (2011 :05)” Feeling of insecurity; those people who are specially appointed for the projects they feel a sense of insecurity after the completion of the project. ” Gaur Agrarian (2011 :05)” Communication Resources involved in the execution of project activities may interact with staff and preventatives directly involved in functions related to the activities being project progress (status) report, which will reflect the status of the project for the relevant reporting period. The monthly reports will be submitted via the relevant channels to the project team. The following official communication tools will be used; reporting template, minutes of meetings, work sessions, memos and letters, telephone or Cell phone calls, e-mail messages and fax Messages.

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