Management and leadership paper Essay

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Management and leadership paper

Management and leadership can often be confused as being the same thing; when in fact, they are not. A manager can often be a good leader, yet a leader doesn’t necessarily have to be a manager. It almost sounds like a riddle, but a leader and a manager can sometimes be the same person; however, they are also two different things. In order for an organization to maintain a healthy organizational culture, there are many things that a leader must take into consideration and demonstrate on a day-to-day basis. With further explanation, it should be clearer and more easily understood.

Most people have had some sort of contact with a manager. Managers have the duty of budgeting routines, planning, and dealing with other day-to-day complexities of an organization (Bateman & Snell, 2009). They are to structure the organization, staff it, and monitor activities. Managers are focused on short term goals and how to accomplish them. They try to make safe decisions within their organization and end up concerned with fitting in (Bateman & Snell, 2009). The managers usually give guidance, support, and corrective feedback to their subordinates on a day to day basis.

While being a manager is vital to an organization, they are not necessarily true leaders at this point. Leadership has a very different approach in an organization. Leaders have a vision for the future and inspire others to see and follow this vision as well. Leaders attempt to move an organization towards future goals, rather than just focusing on completing day to day goals (Bateman & Snell, 2009). They are trustworthy and honest. They do not follow a structured reaction to different situations; rather, they react differently to every single different situation. They carefully analyze the situation and decide how they should react to it (Bateman & Snell, 2009).

They may even end up making decisions that break normal tradition, but is suitable for the occurrence. Leaders have roles and responsibilities in an organization to maintain a healthy organizational culture. Gillikin (2013) states, “… most organizations cannot afford to have leaders who cannot manage and managers who cannot lead.” (para. 6). In order to maintain a healthy organizational culture, both leaders and managers must work together effectively. Leaders and managers must be honest and loyal to the company and everyone in it.

They must work towards the common goals of the company and be able to motivate others in a positive manner. Leaders must remain an idol for the company’s core values at all times and be the model, teacher, and coach for the organization. Additionally, leaders should also be very knowledgeable of the organization.

Everyone is familiar with the Disney Institute. They have been idolized for their friendly atmosphere, professional manner, and their security within their facilities. Their leadership is no different. Disney leaders communicate their core values passionately in a way that makes an emotional connection and motivates action in employees (“Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence“).

They are very clear about what they value and seek proactive change while sharing these same core values. The “Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence” website states that Disney leaders engage the cast members by giving them the responsibility, the tools, and the power to strive for excellence.

The leaders encourage them to take pride in their performances. It helps to reward the good behavior just as much as leaders discourage the bad behavior. Disney leaders also believe that it is extremely important to remain committed to a goal. It takes day-to-day strategies to keep focus and build momentum in order to achieve long term goals (“Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence“).

Lastly, according to “Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence “, “Disney leaders recognize that the values and behaviors they demonstrate day-to-day will be remembered longer than their accomplishments. With the ability to influence those around them, leaders need to live the values of the organization on a daily basis. Not only does this reveal what they personally value, it provides insight into their character and ensures that their leadership will have a long-lasting, positive impact.” (para. 9).

Management and leadership are two different things that can sometimes be the same person. Mangers are not always leaders, but can learn to be leaders in time. There are roles and responsibilities to take into consideration in order to be a leader and also to maintain a healthy organization culture. Some of these include being honest and trustworthy, demonstrating the core values of the organization on a day-to-day basis, and positively and effectively motivating others. If leaders do not take on the proper role, an organization will not maintain a positive and healthy culture.

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