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Management Action Research – Selecting an Insider Project Essay

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Framing and selecting an issue can be a complicated process. The process may require a change in perspective and understanding what others’ reasons are for a particular situation. A person will realize that there are a number of issues that can be the subject of his insider action research. During the process, issues will unfold after learning about issues and so on, making the framing and selection of issue more difficult. In addition, some issues may be obvious, however, this could be a manifestation of a deeper issue. The researcher may be faced with more challenges given that there are limitations in selecting the issue such as the timeframe and availability of resources.

As explained in Chapter 4, labeling ‘issue’ as a problem or as an opportunity has different effects on the people involved. Framing an issue as a problem may have an effect on the people in such a way that they deal with the issue with a loss. On the other hand, framing an issue as an opportunity may be associated with gain which then creates a need to search for possible solutions.

Employees in their organization see key issues that need to be uncovered and addressed. However, people may be in a situation where they are constrained to discuss issues. There are underlying circumstances why people are hesitant to initate a dialogue. One of which is political influence in the workplace. It may seem hard to move forward, nevertheless, only in this way ideas and opinions will be exposed for assessment.

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It is also discussed in the book that in the process of identifying the issues, the researcher begins to have a better understanding of the situation, consequently having more and more revisions as the researcher studies and explores the issues.

In selecting the research project, it is important to know if it will give value to the researcher and if it will increase the profile of the researcher in the organization. Insider action research proposal needs to address four areas namely context, action, research and the insider process. In the context, there should be an introduction to describe the organization and its issues and concerns. In action, this is where the researcher will explain what the rational and purpose of his research are, describe the current situation and what is expected after carrying out the research. Research describes the rationale for doing the research and how to inquire while ensuring the quality and rigour of the research. The insider process reflects on his own understanding. The researcher needs to work with others to execute his action research.

Main insights

Knowing and understanding others’ perspective is significant in carrying out action research as this will play a vital role in evaluating the issue. The researcher tends to use his own understanding of an issue as the only basis therefore research becomes biased unconsciously. It is of great importance to be open to what other people have to say and welcome their ideas. In this way, the researcher performs the second person inquiry as well. The whole point of action research is to work with others in order to bring about change.


How does a person handle a situation where there are political influences? Thinking of a given situation, I need to weigh things, understand the situation and contemplate on what the outcome will be if I take action on a certain issue that I see the need to address. I need to reflect if the actions I will take are within the ethical framework.

After learning about the issues that I need to consider before selecting my topic for my paper, will I proceed with “How to Become a Good Leader?” My answer is yes. This offers an opportunity for experimentation with the existing and acquired knowledge, offers the possibility to increase my profile in my organization and offers opportunities for my personal development. Moreover, I will be able to contribute more to the company when I carry out my action research on how to become a good leader.


That of necessity means that you need to be willing to explore key concepts and themes and attempt to construct the perceptions of others concerning the range of issues (Dutton et al., 1983). Understand others’ reasons and ideas is an important factor in action research. An honest dialogue is necessary in order to be aware of what others’ perceptions are. What I noticed in myself is that I take action with a little discussion with select colleagues. From there I do my analysis and evaluation. Moving forward, I will ensure that I discuss situations with all the persons involved and collaborate with my colleagues to have an unbiased outcome.

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