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Management accounting system for fast food industry

The ingredients or raw materials needs to be replenish, ordered and stock-up. J. The number of complaints from disgruntles customers. The above information is much needed to be available daily for a smooth operation of the outlet and to recognize any defects that need immediate remedies or action. (2) The regional manager who supervises of all the retail outlets in a three- Tate region will need a summarized or report of each outlet by weekly or monthly.

Such report includes: a. The income statement that shows the revenue, cost of good sold, operating expenses, which generates the profit or loss of each outlet.

B. The number of customer served, average revenue per customer and mix of product ordered. C. The overall environment of each outlet like the level of cleanliness, quality of the food served and response time of service. D. Survey will be distributed randomly to seek customers feedback on foods and services rendered. ) The CEO from the company’s corporate office will wants a summaries or reports on weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly on a consolidated financial performance from each and every outlet.

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The CEO may want to see the financial measures such as total profitability and return on Investment (ROI). The COO will wants summary statistics by monthly basis on the productivity and efficiency from the operation of each outlet produce.

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