Manage Quality Customer Service Essay

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Manage Quality Customer Service


AET transport pty ltd. was founded in 1997 by Fred Bingle of Melbourne, Australia. AET’s first truck was a 1982 international Acco 1950c table/tray top which supplied coulee agro, a local Fertilizer Company with bulk fertilizers, chemicals and anhydrous ammonia. The newly formed company quickly achieved its goals through long hours and hard work. The AET transport company expended from three to eleven trucks in just over a year as their reputation continued to grow. In 2004 a successful land deal allowed the company to establish operations at its current location in Laverton. The AET transport company provides services in cross docking, temperature controlled storage and distribution of chemicals. Their focus on teamwork continues to satisfy new customer with effective supply chain management that consistently makes drivers punctual and more productive. AET transport takes pride in safety and compliance. Thoroughly trained employees certified in the transportation of dangerous good, the handling of hazardous materials and a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol are just some of the mandatory programs that create a safer workplace for everyone.


Goods will be delivered on time
All goods will be delivered on proper condition.
Suitable refrigeration will be provided.
There will be complete cleanliness in trucks.
Good communication with employees.


Proper training will be given to the employees regarding goods handling. Training regarding good communication and body language will be given or provide to the employee. Navigator and Mel way will be given to drivers.

There will be inductions for all employees at frequent intervals. Suitable breaks will be given for their mind relaxation.


Deliveries will be on time.

Deliveries will be on proper conditions.
There is a grievance handling process for customers.
Extra facilities like refrigeration will be given to customers.

Complaints will be handled in immediately.
Customers will be charged reasonably.

Delivery within VIC next day.
Delivery outside VIC in maximum 2 days.
Phone should be answered in 3 rings.
All enquiries should be attended immediately.
All goods will be delivered in proper conditions.
Action will be taken immediately on complaint
Procedures for implementation of these standards:-
Reserve at least 8-10 trucks for VIC.
Train people to answer phone in 3 rings.
Staff given 2 weeks customer service standards.
Mystery shopper will be hired.
Training regarding communication to employees should be given. 7) Write a process of handling customer complaint and grievances:- Customer < manager < grievance handling committee

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