Manage Personal Performance and Development

Outcome 1 Be able to manage personal performance

Can you give me two examples of when you have encountered problems that you were not able or did not have the authority to solve and what action you took?

I have encountered a problem when the printer malfunctioned. To fix this I phoned IT to explain what had happened and asked if I needed to do anything until someone could come out and look at the printer. I did this as I do not have the correct training to be able to fix a problem like this and if I tried to fix it I could have caused more problems for the printer, injured myself and or anyone who unknowingly uses the device after me.

I have encountered issues when trying to install software onto my PC. I needed tableau installed onto my PC so that I could complete some work after having informal training off other team members. I ran into a problem when I came to install the program as I do not have the correct administrative settings to install software onto my PC or others.

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to solve this issue, I asked my team how they got the software onto their PC. After discussing my problem with my team, I emailed IT as advised from my team. IT then told me to take my PC to them, so they could then log in as themselves to have the correct administrative settings to install software onto my PC

When have you acted to resolve a problem with your personal performance?

I have acted to improve my personal performance by asking my manager and team for further training on excel and SQL.

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This improved my performance as I was able to be booked onto courses in Leeds so that I could develop my skills on these programmes. This allowed me to have a better understanding of these software’s so that I wasn’t stuck at work and I do not need to ask for help as often as before. It also allowed me to show independency as I went to the training alone out of my team which could be helpful in the future if I need to take part in projects outside of the Newcastle area. This improves my work rate and stops me from slowing down other team members work rate as they do not need to take time out to help me. This has also allowed me to learn different things to do on these programmes and improves the quality of my work.

Outcome 2 Be able to manage their own time and workload

Choose two distractions from the list on the Assessment Guidance which you have encountered and tell me what action you took to limit the effects on you effectively managing your time/objectives?

Having a cluttered work desk is distracting so I take steps during and at the end of the work day. At The end of the work day I make sure everything I have used paper wise is put in a certain place. To do this I use paper holders and the drawers in my desk to make sure I have enough places to put different types of paper work. I then make sure that if I have a bottle of water I empty it at the sink then I will put the bottle into the bin. I also make sure my headphone wires are not all over the desk and then I put them to one side and make sure my keyboard and mouse wires only take up the needed space. During the day I try to put back anything I am or will not use in the next few hours. This ensures that my desk is kept clutter free so that I am not distracted and working through clutter. This helps improve the time I can do my work as I know where everything is if I need to reference something it also improves the quality of my work as paperwork does not get lost in mess. Another distraction I may have is personal phone calls or notifications. To limit the distraction, I put my phone on silent throughout the day and in a drawer. I also screen time limits for times I will be at work. This allows me to set time restrictions on apps so that I can’t use them outside of my breaks and lunch.

Explain what work-life balance is and using the list of employers and employees’ benefits, choose two and explain how you are supported by having a good work-life balance.

Work life balance is balancing work time with personal time. Having work life balance is important to both staff and management. It allows staff to be able to have some time away for something that may be important in their life but might happen during working hours. It also allows staff to choose to have a break or holiday away from work when they want. This keeps stress levels down and allows staff to be happy while they work. A benefit for the employer to work life balance is improved productivity. The reason for productivity improving with a good work life balance is that the staff are not distracted by something they may be missing out on and they are not overworked. It means the staff can focus on what they are doing in work because they have been given breaks from work life and are fully rested. A good work life balance also improves morale as they feel like they have been given enough time away from work for themselves, friends and family. It allows them not to be stressed and angry at the organisation as they are not being worked to the highest-level year-round. Employee benefits are increased focus as they are allowed time away from the work place to have some free time to do whatever they want and to clear their mind. Another benefit to employees is that they have more of a secure job as they can have time to deal with family responsibilities. This stops them from having to making up an excuse to get time off work to deal with their family responsibilities or problems.

Outcome 3 Be able to identify their own development needs

Name 2 of the Trust’s organisational policies in relation to personal development.

Learning and development policy can help you keep on top of your personal development. It can do this as when an organisation has a learning and development policy, they must make sure everyone is up to date with standard things needed within the organisation. This could be mandatory training or information governance, these are usually updated every few years so this helps you from being held back as you do not know new things introduced and stops you from having outdated information. Another way to help personal development is a Personal performance review is a policy that organisations must follow. This helps with personal development as it is your managers perspective on what you are doing well in and what you may need to improve. It also opens opportunities as they can sometimes offer training courses to attend to help and improve different skills. This will help you reach personal development goals and or to get a better understanding of an area you did not know needed improving.

What is meant by having a “positive attitude to feedback” and why when receiving feedback on performance is it important to maintain a positive attitude?

Having a positive attitude to feedback is taking in the feedback to be able to learn from something rather than taking it personally. It is important to have a positive attitude to feedback because it can help your personal development as people will not be afraid to give feedback and it will help you to complete work in the best quality. It is necessary to receive feedback and take it on positively as it will help you get a better understanding of a piece of work as you may not have fully understood it before. It is also important to keep a positive attitude to feedback so that you are not distracted at work. If you do not have a positive attitude to feedback you may take it as an insult to your work and be distracted thinking how could someone think that and the quality of work, you are doing will go down. It will also make it harder to do team tasks if you are not positive towards that as you may hold a grudge thinking it was meant to personally attack you when it was a team member looking to help you improve your work. It will also be harder later if you are stuck on work you might then get scared to ask for help of the person who gave you the feedback. It will also make your work life harder to deal with if you take feedback personally rather than as a positive piece of feedback.

What is personal development and explain two business benefits of personal development.

Personal development is a way for someone to see how they are doing personally and try to develop weaknesses they have. Personal development doesn’t stop as the workplace advances so does personal development. A business benefit to personal development is that employees should know their strengths and weaknesses, this makes it easier for them to ask to do certain tasks as they know they can complete it to a high standard. When an employee does personal development, they should get to know what areas of improvement they need, this makes it easier as they know what training they need to sign onto to improve and or they know the tasks they need to get extra help on as they are not as confident in that area. Another business benefit to personal development is that employees can manage their work load easier to meet time constraints. They do this as they know what they can do easily without much help, so they can do that quicker and they know what they might need extra time and help with before starting the task. Another business benefit is that people will be developing individually making them better employees as they show drive to want to be the best in their field of work.

Outcome 4 Be able to fulfil a personal development plan

Give two examples of formal learning you have undertaken that are consistent with business need.

I have had formal SQL training, this is consistent with business needs as it now allows me to understand the programme more and allows me to get involved with more work that utilises the SQL package. This benefits the business if there are a lot of requests and they need extra people to help on SQL work I can now do this with confidence and create a high-quality piece of work using the SQL tool. I have had formal training when learning how to use iProc by Oracle. This meets business needs as I had to order certain things at my DASH placement to help it run smoothly. This helped the other team members as they had more urgent things to attend to at specific times, so I had to order equipment to be used by trainee healthcare staff and for other admins to use when they visited DASH.

Give two examples of informal learning you have undertaken and how have these contributed to your personal development opportunities.

I had informal TIS training, this helped towards my personal development as it allowed me to get a first look at the Trainee Information System. This has been a massive help to my role as I now understand what needs to be put into TIS and I can help the medical side of WPI team. It also helped me understand different sayings and abbreviations that are used inside of the work place. I have also had informal training on using the printer. This is helps towards my personal development as I feel confident in using the printer that I will not break it or cause it to malfunction because I have gone over the basic steps with my team.

Give two examples of when you have shared lessons learned from your own personal development with others.

I have shared a lesson learned when someone in my cohort missed a training session. I then shared what I had learned in the session and the presentation if I have it. This is so that I can try and give them a better understanding of what the session was about. If they are still struggling with the topic, I would share the session presenter with them so that they could contact them directly to see if they had any other resources to help them. Another time I have shared a lesson I have learned is when I have been in for website training. I then ran what I had learned in that session with a team member, so they could get a better understanding of what I am doing and how long the task should take me. Sharing lessons learned helps develop someone else’s personal development as they can be informed on a topic as they might not have had the time or were too ill to attend the original session so its sometimes easier to be briefed on the topic after.

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