Manage Performance Essay

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Manage Performance

When allocating work and drawing up work plans many things need to be taken into consideration. Most importantly inputs and outs need to be determined. The manager must identify the end goal and develop and allocate work to ensure the goal is met. It is necessary to identify the strengths and weaknesses of staff to ensure maximum efficiency through the appropriate allocation of tasks. Develop work plans based on the skill sets of the staff available. This not only ensures efficient employees but reduces costs as the employee is capable and confident of the task with minimal supervision. Provide staff with further training to ensure learning and development, this will assist their confidence but also enable build and grow their skills. Define and explain in a clear manner teams and authority limitations. Set procedures and structure to ensure all employees are briefed and aware of the expected outcomes and standards.

Developing KRA’s and KPI’s are an excellent method of monitoring and verifying staff performances as well as ensuring outputs are met effectively. Developing and implementing successful Performance management systems are imperative to a company’s success. Part of this system is a code of conduct. By implementing this, staff are advised exactly what is expected from them. It is a clear method of outlining practices and expectations that are acceptable to the company. Through regular monitoring and evaluation of employees, Management are able to verify that the Code of Conduct and other company policies are being adhered to. It enables management to provide feedback to employees, whether it be acknowledging good work through informal methods, e.g. after work social event, staff lunches, early mark.

It can also be used to bring forth any issues that are impacting the employee or company negatively or underperforming. It can identify an employee that needs direction resulting in a development plan, coaching or mentoring. If an employee does require assistance as a result of poor performance the company should have policies in place. Assisting employees is the preferable option. The cost of rehiring and retraining staff can be significant. If staffs know that management are willing to listen and help, it make for happier more efficient employee’s.

If, however, the employees does not abide by and fulfil the development plan, termination may be an option. All efforts should be exhausted and termination should be the final option. Ensure that all warnings have been given to the employee and documented. Also ensure all efforts to assist the employee have been documented. Explain why the employee has not fulfilled their side of the agreement. Explain the assistance that has been offered to them. Ensure that all legal requirements have been met prior to termination; include HR if available, for guidance and support.

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