Maltese Solar Energy: The Power of the Sun Essay

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Maltese Solar Energy: The Power of the Sun

Nowadays fossil fuels are becoming more scarce than ever. Therefore to produce energy, mankind is investing in new technologies that produce energy from renewable sources. Solar Energy is considered as one of the most frequently used renewable energy source in countries from all over the world, including our beloved island. Quite a few of Maltese families have installed solar panels in their homes. One of the main drawbacks in installing a solar panel system is that the cost of installation is quite expensive.

Not everybody can afford to spend such a sum of money. An additional disadvantage of solar energy is that it is only dependent on the amount of sunlight it receives. During a storm; on a cloudy day or even worse at night, solar energy cannot be harnessed for sure. As of this on some days you have to rely on other sources of energy. Another small disadvantage is that solar devices must occupy a large space to achieve good efficiency. On the other hand solar energy has got quite a good number of advantages.

The first and probably the main advantage of using solar energy is that the power source of the sun is absolutely free and it requires no fees. As of this during sunny days we get a lot of free energy from the sunlight. An additonal advantage of solar energy is that once you install solar panels, you do not require any maintenance during their lifespan, which means you never have to put money into them. It is believed that the majority of solar systems have a life span of about thirty to fourty years.

As of this you normally get a full warranty for about twenty years or even more. To sum up I believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages mainly because of the fact that over all you save up a lot of money due to the fact that sunlight is free and availablte to everybody. I highly recommend that people buy more solar panels so that we can reduce energy cost. I hope that now you are more aware of these marvellous systems.

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