Male/Female Contrasts Essay Essay

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Male/Female Contrasts Essay

There are many contrasts to male and female friendships. Both sexes share their feelings, thoughts, or even a casual conversation, differently from each other. Some say it’s because of a man’s ego, or a woman’s intuition that their friendships seem to work. Here are some contrasts of both genders friendships. Woman friendships usually seem to be more conversed, as for men it’s the opposite. Woman can talk about anything they want and share the same feelings or thoughts on the topic, but for men it’s a little less conversational. For men they think it’s feminine to talk about their feelings. Men usually refrain from talking to their friends about relationship problems so they typically talk about work related topics, sports, or anything that has to do with a man’s masculinity to show his friend he is dominate.

But if men were to find themselves in a conversation they only talk about the things they have in common, which makes the men bond more and most likely to be better friends. Men don’t criticize each other’s opinion. As for women, if a girl sees her friend crying she is more likely to ask her to talk about why is she crying. Woman share common issues so their more likely to help one another. So you can say women are more sympathetic then men. Woman also criticize each other and because they know more information about each other, their more open to sharing personal information. Unlike woman, men participate in a total different activity when their together as oppose to woman.

Men rather do more hands on activities such as painting a house, play sports (whether it be on a game console or in a big field), even going to the gym together, and also help another man with a mechanical problem. Like I stated before men try to avoid doing anything that has to do with emotions. Woman on the other hand does activities that don’t get them tired. Things like shopping, or share secrets; they don’t really do anything else but talk. They rather do things that involve finding things out about another person.

Women can go out to a café and sit down for hours talking about books or men. Men go into a café order their stuff to go while talking about the hot girl in their work place. So in conclusion there are many contrasts to male and female friendships. Men and women friendships differ because of the way both sexes share their feelings, thoughts, or a casual conversation. Men rather do things that don’t involve talking about emotion but focus on the masculinity and do productive activities. As for woman there more conversed and sympathetic towards their friends and try not to do anything that would tire them out.

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