Male vs Female Friends

Friends a word we may hear very often, but only few know what it actually means to be a friend. Friends are defined as a person attached to another by feelings of affection of personal regard. ( When it comes to friends, there are all kinds of friends. Some people prefer male friends over female or vice versa. Friends can be there to comfort you in your time of grieving or in the happiest part of your life. Sometimes friends can even help you with fighting illnesses or depression.

Some people prefer male friends and some prefer female friends. The difference between the two in my opinion are as stated; a male can be there to give you solutions from a male point of view and his experience about a female from what he has encountered through life. A female is more sensitive to anything that comes up. She is there to let you know how to handle a situation the right way without holding back on the feelings.

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Male friends like to hide their way of expressing the truth due to the fact that they do not want to tarnish their image of trying to feel hard or tough.

Males can hang out with you and show you a good time at clubs, house parties, bars, car shows, even just sitting around on the porch clowning around. They tend to take your mind off of things you don’t want to think about whether it be work related or family problems.

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Male friends tend to know what to do when solving problems amongst significant others while being truthful. Male friends usually don’t express too many feelings because they don’t want to seem sensitive to the point where they seem soft. Male friends are often called best friends or casual male friends. They usually connect over common interest or situations. Male friends tend to have less drama. They are usually easier to talk to and less judgmental. Female friend like to talk about their problems aloud and they usually can’t keep to themselves because they normally like to vent and let whatever it is out and off their chest mind and heart.

Female friends make friends make friendships healthier, happier, less stress, live longer and feel more beautiful. Female friendship tends to bring along lots of drama. Females compete against each other. Females like to vent to the opposite sex. They usually get along with males way better than females because they can tell males things without being judged. Female friends are pretty much like an open book to each other, they express every part of their lives from beginning to the end. Females talk intimately about their myriad details of their lives, from their careers and children to their love lives and health issues. Female friendship tends to fall apart easier due to the drama that comes behind a lot of females. Females tend to act more mature because they are really scared to be themselves around their friends. Male friendships are completely different because they do not open up about personal details or go on about their feelings on fishing trips or game nights.

Male friendship and conversations usually deal with the doings of things rather than the feelings of things. Males generally like to joke a lot and act immature when they are around their friends, because they feel more free and confident in some cases while with their friends. All in all we all need friends, whether you prefer male or female. Friends can help you vent. Friends are for comfort, and companionship. A lot of times you tend to progress together because if your friend sees you doing well they will want the same. It doesn’t hurt to talk to your friends. You will need them one day just as they will need you. So with that being said don’t take your friendships of any kind for granted, because you can run away a true friend by your actions or wrongful intentions if you know your friend inside and out, friendships made to last a lifetime male or female.

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Male vs Female Friends

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