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Male Teachers

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In an academic environment, it is noticeable that only few good men are in the teaching field. Most of the males who work in schools hold position in the office or holds other administrative functions. Men Teach, a research group discovered that there are three main grounds why such is the case. These three include low rank and salary, the perception that teaching is for women and the apprehension of being charged of child abuse. But those who “WHY FEMALE TEACHERS ARE STILL UNDER PAY? ”choose to establish career in the academe make good teachers as well.

Helmer (2005) discussed the importance of having male teachers. His article Needed in class: a few good men cited that children need new teaching approaches, alternative authority figures and male role models which all can be provided by a male teacher. He also made important mention that male educators also send the message to male students that teaching is not for women alone and that men also mind learning and education.

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Male versus Female Teachers The issue on gender discrimination favoring men had penetrated even the workplace.

In the academic community there came the time when men would be getting more than the female teachers. Fortunately the modern times do not subscribe to this anymore as competency in teaching is now measured more objectively. The comparison between the male and female educators is not so much of an issue in terms of roles and performance. Both have their signicant roles to play inside the classroom.

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Having both of them in the academe creates balance on the student’s part so it is more of an advantage.

Though there are situations when the male teachers are expected to perform the masculine roles in school from carrying boxes of supplies to the more serious ones like disciplining the students. The issue between these two lies in how much they get from the same profession. How are they compensated? Does gender play a role in this matter? If the two will be compared in terms of satisfaction with respect to pay, researches revealed that men are more likely to be dissatisfied with what ther receive professionally, while women are the more enduring one.

This is one of the major reasons why only few male teachers are left in the academe. There was one argument before cited by the Farm Press (2006) that the “WHY FEMALE TEACHERS ARE STILL UNDER PAY? ” “Page # 5” female school teachers do not need to be given as much as the male teachers receive. The article reasoned that men support their families while women are not really obliged to bring home large income and their husbands are also earning. Ina addition, Partenheime (2003) wrote that women receive lower salary because they tend to be less valuable in the office.

This is being blamed to women’s responsibility at home as wife and mother that would sometimes call for absences, leave, less training and skills. This led to notions that females are more committed to family than work. But this was the premise before. Such can still be ture in other professional field but in the academe, male and female teachers share the same standards in being paid for their teaching job. Nowadays, school administrators are more concerned not about the gender but they are more particular about the performance and the quality of the teachers, male or female.

Why female teachers are under paid? Taking into consideration the abovementioned facts, there still remains an agony for female teachers not to be given what they truly deserve. Statistics presented data that since 1990, there was no real increase in teacher’s salaries as more of the teachers are moving to other high-paying jobs. Teaching was once recognized to be a female job. Researches held data that being an educator was once a rewarding and a promising career for women, practically speaking. But this has changed as less attention was given to improving the

welfare of teachers. Nowadays, there is a stagnant progress when it comes to adjusting or increasing their salaries. Schools in the United States originally subscribe to the step system. In this scale, the goal was to motivate the teachers to earn their degrees and eventually pursue their graduate studies which then would be equivalent to getting higher salaries. At this time, female teachers are paid less than the male teachers. One of the reasons for the discrepancy “WHY FEMALE TEACHERS ARE STILL UNDER PAY? ”

would be the educational attainment and years of teaching service, not to disregard the discrimination that males were treated to be superior to the females. The females then were expected to portray domestic roles devoting time and attention to home and the family. When females started to enter the workplace, there was this notion that it would just be acceptable that they were compensated less that what men received. Females are perceived to be the more enduring ones. Instead of moving from one job to another, the female teacher stays in the academe making do with what she receives.

On the other hand, men switch to another job when he feels dissatisfaction in the current. The very few male teachers in the academe in one way or another would be wished to be retained. In some cases they are offered higher salaries compared to what the females get, just to make them stay and have male figures in the school. But the issue on female teachers being under paid is not anymore of major gender concern. It is not anymore a question if the educator is male or female. The problem is actually rooted from the poor and unjust wage policies being implemented by the school administrators.

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