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Maldives Essay Examples

Essay on Maldives

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Indian Tourism Development Corporation

to most of the touristers india is still a virgin country, yet to be explored, may be the main reason is that the tourism ministry had done nothing specific to promote it., Tourism is the commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest. Tourism is commonly associated with trans-national travel, but may also refer to travel to another location within the same cou...

Corporate Communication

Bailey, S. R. (2008). InternationalEncyclopedia of Orgnaization Studies. SAGE publications, Inc. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.4135/9781412956246 Corp. (2014). Your Dictionary. Retrieved from Your Dictionary Web site: http://www.yourdictionary.com/identity Frederick, A. (2014). Small Business.chron. Retrieved from Small Business.chron Web site: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/functions-corporate-communi...

SRi Lanka Travel & Tourism

Sri Lanka has suffered from overlapping authorities from multiple government agencies, and in the past projects stalled by litigation despite having government approvals. Investment approval procedure needs to be accelerated, and speedy approval and procedures will have to be ensured to accelerate the implementation of proposals and reduce start-up times. The government has started a comprehensive...

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Phuket tourism

Washington. Do Something.org, n.d, 11 Facts About the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, available: http://www.dosomething.org/tipsandtools/11-facts-about-2004-indian-ocean-tsunami# Dev, S., 2011, ‘I Do’ on Distant Shores, Express Hospitality, February 2011, Available: http://hospitality.financialexpress.com/20110215/management02.shtml eTravel Business News, 2012, TCEB Joins Pact with Phuket and TAT i...

Develop Tourism in Sri Lanka

With the end of war, the expected boom in the industry over the years to come will have a noticeable impact. The second empirical modal shows a strong relationship between the political stability and macroeconomic performance in particular with reference to the tourism sector. It is highly recommended to maintain a stable political situation of the country in order for industries like tourism to f...

Malaysia Tioman Island's Project Analysis

All in all, the surveys of natural environment, social culture and economic area should and must be done before the actual construction for Marina project. After the survey, country and state government should think and analysis it, get conclusion or action plan base on the survey, weights and compare the negative and positive impacts, loss and benefit, come out with the honest and correct decisio...

Maldives-a paradise on earth

Transportation between the airport and Male, as well as to nearby resort islands, is by motorized water taxi and speedboat. Several local companies provide seaplane and helicopter service to outlying islands. Air taxis stop flying one hour before sunset, and several resorts do not transport passengers by boat between the airport and the resort island later than one hour before sunset. Visitors to ...

The Beach by Alex Garland

The article established a connection between tourism and film by studying the connection between The Beach and the Tourist Gaze. The Beach supports Urry’s view of the more conventional tourist through Boyle’s use of spectatorship within the film along with its connection with imperial/colonial vision. This is accomplished through the incorporation of the tropics and the nature of ecoimperialis...

Transportation in Maldives by 2050

In the future automotive companies are looking forward to make vehicles which travel automatically, when the person punches or speaks the particular place they want to go. This technology will be using to the vehicle’s in 2050. Not only that vehicle’s which can transform into different forms will be introduced into Maldives like the water bus and the flying car. In the near future Maldivian’...

Jaffna Tourism

Pasikuda Pasikuda is famous for its beautiful beaches and which is loved by every one with its wonderful lands scape, which is situated on the east coast of Sri Lanka, 300 Kilometers from Colombo. It is in the process of developing a leading tourist destination in Sri Lanka. The visitor’s main attraction Are long and wide sunny beach, Blue Sea with golden sand are some of them in this region. Pa...

Incredible India

All came here to fill their coffers with the wealth of this land; Jews, Parsees, Muhammedans, Christians, Arabs, Persians, Turks, Orientals and Europeanshave been all made welcome here. India has some incredibly beautiful spiritual destinations located all over the country. From the majestic peaks of Himalayas to the ghats of holy Ganga to numerous other holy sites, one can go for an unforgettable...

Travel Destination: Palawan Island

It is one of the world's premiere diving sites and is included in the United Nation's World Heritage List. The underground river of St. Paul Nationa Park, on the other hand, is marvel of stalagmite and stalactite formations. In addition to these unique natural sculptures, it has a lagoon with turquoise waters and schools of diverse fish species. The town of El Nido offers exotic cave formations th...

Tourism and Development in Oceania

Government policy makers, potential investors, and local tourism business owners can use this study to learn the importance of marketing research and the simplicity that visitor surveys provide in creating accurate research.  The study demonstrates that, while Norfolk has characteristics that sustain it’s appeal as a tourist destination, aside from a clearly defined and well understood market, ...

Economy of Tourism and Hospitality

From the short research I've done, I can conclude second biggest industry in the world Travel and Tourism heavily relies on modern technology and data. The rate of online booking and visiting several sites for price comparison clearly shows travel agencies century has long gone. Visitors from across the globe can easily have access to any information related to the destination they are interested ...

Travel Sri Lanka Like a Local

Spend time to talk with the tea plucking women in the tea trails or with the children in rural areas, they love it. Ask how their life is. There is no better way to understand the Sri Lankan culture and way of life than by staying with a local family. Where ever you go try to stay in homestays, eat homemade food, visit the neighbors and make friends on the way. The benefits are massive if you are ...

Safety In Maldives Construction Industry Construction Essay

Harmonizing to Seventh National Development Plane 2006-2010, stated that `` to implement the edifice codification of the Maldives '' under building policies and schemes, point 2.1 as a scheme and point 2.7 stated that `` Enable preparation of building industry related to wellness and safety ordinances and established database on wellness and safety issues '' ( Ministry of Planning and National Dev...

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