Malcolm Knowles Essay

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Malcolm Knowles

By studying the life of Malcolm Knowles there is a necessity with regards to providing detailed accounts of his personal life which includes data about his birth, his parents, his spouse and his children. By keeping a detailed record of these accounts, there will be deeper understanding on aspects outside his work. II. Education Discussing Malcolm Knowles’ education shall serve critical on answering the call of curiosity regarding the development of his knowledge and the major influences in his life that led him to his success and his works. III. Works

In order to complete the presentation of the importance of Malcolm Knowles to society, there is a need to discuss all of his works and analyze all his 18 books and 230 articles that served a great contribution to the study of adult education. This comprehensive detailing of his works shall serve critical in finding out realizations and conclusions about his greatness and impact to society and to education. IV. Adragogy and Adult Education Lastly, pointing out all the key contributions of Malcolm Knowles won’t be complete if there shall be no reserved section for adragogy and Adult Education.

The biography shall conclude in a way that presents the impact of Knowles, his findings, reasearch, and his connection to the overall development of Adult education and adragogy. ANNOTATED BIBILIOGRAPHY: Barab, S. , Thomas M. K. & Merril, H. (2004). Online Learning: From Information Dissemination to Fostering Collaboration. Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 12, 105. This article focuses on the topic of online learning. The authors also discussed how Malcolm Knowles discussed a conceptual framework towards facilitating adult education.

This article serves helpful for people seeking statements regarding the development of adult education. This is fit for the research about Malcolm Knowles due to his recognition in the piece that presents his importance in adult education. It also serves as an additional source with regards to the study of adult education. The points stated in this article serves well with conforming ideas about different aspects of adult education. Donlevy, J. G. & Donlevy, T. R. (1998). Teachers, Technology, and Training: Adult Education A Brief Review of Literature Using a Template of Perspectives. International Journal of Instructional Media, 25, 1.

This article presents a considerable discussion with regards to adult education starting off with a notable presentation of Malcolm Knowles. The presented statements in this article from both the authors also display four key perspectives. This article can serve helpful to those who seek more knowledge regarding Malcolm Knowles and the whole adult education topic as well. It also shows key points that are valuable to research regarding Malcolm Knowles. Henschke, J. A. & Cooper, M. K. (n. d. ) International research foundation for andragogy and the implications for the practice of education with adults.

Retrieved July 12, 2008, from http://www. umsl. edu/divisions/conted/education/mwr2p06/pdfs/B/Henschke_Cooper International_research_foundation. pdf This article showcases different implications with regards to the study of Andragogy. There are different examples of how the term itself was first used and other useful data towards the realization of Andragogy which also mentions the contributions of Malcolm Knowles. The article is useful for seekers of greater understanding of Andragogy, especially students, through the help of different examples presented.

The statements presented in this article also shows a challenge with regards to Andragogy’s history which in turn serves as a very intriguing source for research. Hiemstra, R. (2002). Malcolm Shepherd Knowles Papers 1930-1985 Retrieved July 12, 2008, from http://www-distance. syr. edu/msk. html Hiemstra translated this Adult Education History Project from the Syracuse University Library Archives and put into a website that presents a detailed account of the papers of Malcolm Knowles. Aside from all these papers that are both personal and professional, there is also a detailed discussion about his background and his work.

This site serves helpful to people who seek deeper understanding regarding the listing of Malcolm Knowles’ works and other ideologies recorded on paper. National Luis University. Malcolm Knowles: Apostle of Andragogy. Retrieved July 12, 2008, from http://www. nl. edu/academics/cas/ace/resources/malcolmknowles. cfm. This website showcases a detailed discussion of Malcolm Knowles, his life, his works and his contributions with great emphasis on Andragogy. The site focuses on Knowles’ early life, the practice of adult education, professing adult education and the social implications of Andragogy.

It serves as a useful site for researchers and for professors alike. The significance of this source is that it provides assistance on the aspect of Knowles’ detailed connection to Andragogy. This site also serves valuable with regards to additional information concerning Malcolm Knowles’ democratic and humanistic approach in his practice. It also plays crucial as an addition to realizations about Knowles that shall serve significant to his biographical account. Smith, M. K. (2002). Malcolm Knowles, informal adult education, self-direction and andragogy. The Encyclopedia of Informal Education, Retrieved July 12, 2008, from http://www.

infed. org/thinkers/et-knowl. html. Smith discusses here the life of Malcolm Knowles in a biographical form of context. He also presented the takes of Knowles with regards to adragogy and adult informal education by listing the statements of Knowles. This site also presents a formal outlook towards the key assessments of Knowles with regards to adult education and adragogy. The whole writing can assist in the formulation of ideas about Knowles’ approaches towards his works as connected with his concepts and ideas in life. This site showcases a deeper analysis about the man and his works.

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