Malaysian Studies Essay

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Malaysian Studies

1. NEW ECONOMIC POLICY. The NEP has been introduced at 1971. Analyze the aims and objectives of that policy. Do the aims reached? Make a critical arguments on this policy
2. ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION PLAN. The ETP has been introduced by Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak. Describe in brief the policy. Furthermore, highlight the achievement of this policy throughout several years. Make the critical arguments on predicting the success or the failure of this policy.

3. NATIONAL EDUCATION POLICY: The Malaysian education system is being used to achieve many social objectives besides its conventional aim i.e. to provide students with curricular knowledge. The frequent changes in the system and overly-stressed on excellence examination results undoubtedly affect the main objective of Malaysian education philosophy i.e. to create balanced and wholesome individuals. Analyze the shortcomings of Malaysian education system and the needs for education reform.

4. VISION 2020. The Vision 2020 has been introduced by Tun dr Mahathir Mohamed. Elaborate aims and challenges on this vision. Analyze the efforts taken to ensure the aims will be achieved. Critically predict the vision achieved or otherwise.

5. 1MALAYSIA: The concept of 1Malaysia, introduced recently by our Prime Minister, emphasizes on ethnic harmony, national unity and efficient governance. Analyze the concept of 1Malaysia and what are the benefits of having 1Malaysia. Discuss ways on how can apply this concept in our daily lives. Provide relevant examples.

6. ROLES OF MALAYSIA IN ASEAN. Malaysia is a permanent member of ASEAN. Analyze the history of formation of ASEAN, aims and the objective of the formation. Highlight at least 4 cases of Role of Malaysia in facing disputes
within the region.

7. ROLES OF MALAYSIA IN UNITED NATIONS. Give a brief main function of UN in security. As a permanent member of United Nations, Malaysia have its own National Security Goals. Indentify the Malaysia’s National Security Interest. Also, highlight the roles of Malaysia in UN by evaluating the costs, risks and benefits of participation in a UN standing force.

8. ROLES OF MALAYSIA IN OIC. What is OIC. Give the objective of the formation of OIC in brief. Analyze the contributions that Malaysia made in trade, economic development and in the political field in the OIC and highlight the achievement of the OIC resulting from the Malaysia involvement.

9. MALAYSIAN ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY. Nowadays, the environmental problem is becoming a serious enemy of the world. Malaysia has its own way in order to carter this environmental issue. Highlight the National Environmental Policy in Malaysia by evaluating the aims and objectives, the policy and the achievements.

10. NATIONAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT POLICY. Define the definition of young and youth. Analyze the objectives to this policy. Furthermore, highlight the strategies of this policy and its implementation. Also, give the achievements of this policy.

11. NATIONAL INTEGRATION POLICY. The National Integration Policy is an effort of the government to ensure the unity of the plural society in Malaysia. Highlight the aims and objectives of this policy. What are the obstacles and challenges in order to achieve the aims? Also, analyzed several activities that have been done under this policy.

12. NATIONAL CULTURAL POLICY. What is the rationale to have this policy? Also, give the objectives of the development of this policy. Highlight some of the successful events within the policy.

13. ROLES OF MALAYSIA IN COMMONWEALTH. What are the Commonwealth
member-state. What are the aims and objectives of the formation of Commonwealth. Highlight Malaysian foreign policy towards Commonwealth. Also analyze several important event that Malaysia took place as a Commonwealth member.

14. ROLES OF MALAYSIA IN NON-ALIGNED MOVEMENT. Explain NAM in brief. What are the aims and objectives of this movement. What is our stand in the disputes countries. What are the role of Malaysia as a member of NAM.

15. RUKUN NEGARA. What is Rukun Negar? Explain the history of Rukun Negara in brief. What are the objectives of the development of Rukun Negara. Explain each elements in Rukun Negara.

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