Malaysian Football Essay

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Malaysian Football

Do you know football? If you are Malaysian, I bet that football is a popular topic of discussion for the nationwide and it is a well-known sport in our surrounding. Without any doubt, the phenomenon of football has spread through the people favorite as we can see then chanting about the sport everywhere; at the café also in the electronic media. Nowadays, Malaysian football scenario can be observed through the performance of the league and championship, the success of national squad and the nature of the star players and the overall golden moments of year 2012.

The league and championship are getting a better level and the attention of fans. This can be ascribed to several authorize such as the rebirth of Kelantan FA. The good manner leads them to the success (The Management is, 2012) hence come out to win treble championship in 2012 that are Malaysia Super League, FA Cup and Malaysia Cup. Besides, the game skills are improved since the association employed Bojan Hodak as the head coach for the team. Thus, Kelantan FA had accomplished the 139th place (Club Ranking Update, 2012) for the first time. Indeed, the team also got the experience in higher level when they had qualified to the quarter final stage in AFC cup. By the way, this team also has the best fan in 2012 (Annual Football Awards, 2012) that they always fulfill the stadium when a match held.

In addition, the player’s teamwork also the factor influenced our football scenario, moreover when most of the Kelantan’s players are from the local country and it also contributed by the high skills of players and coaching management. Then, the growth of many teams makes a tough competition such as the rename of Darul Takzim FC from Johor FC. This club has been improved a lot since they are importing a high star and world class players like Daniel Guiza. Besides, the emergence of new teams and talented squad like Sime Darby FC and Pahang FA also can give a big shock for the league championship. Unforgettable, our league and championship also glittered by the honour of big sponsorship such as Hotlink, Astro and Mamee.

National squad also gives us a kind of success that cheers up our football scenario. The effort of Harimau Muda for winning SEA Games and Newspaper Cup are really appreciated by us since they also can born the new young talented players for instance, Mahali Jasuli, Wan Zack Haikal and others. Obviously, ‘Harimau Malaya’ also already got the title of ‘tough opponent’ (Better in level, 2012) and also get the rise of more supporters. Indeed, our national squad also got an upper rank in the world’s raking that is on 158th (Ranking Update, 2012) that is higher than Myanmar and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the nature of the star players and the overall golden moments of year 2012 also contributed a large scenario in our football environment. Our country had been shocked by a history of our star player, Nazmi Faiz Mansour transferred to SC Beira-Mar (Nazmi Faiz Transferred, 2012) since one of our most talented player has interested the European club; one is not easy for our local players. The team he had joined is SC Beira-Mar, which is a team that competes with the high star team like FC Porto and also can join the European championship.

On the same time, our second player departed to Europe is Fakri Saarani to Atletico SC (One More Malaysian, 2012) which is team in the 3rd division of Portugish league. Besides, we also noticed that our young star player, Rozaimi had won the 9th from top 10 Asian Players of 2012 (Top Ten Asian, 2012). In addition, our football scenario also glittered by our national team that can reach the semi-final stage in AFF Suzuki Cup even though the competition is very high and risky.

In conclusion, the league championship, the success of national team and the nature of the star players and the overall golden moments in the year 2012 are the main scenario in Malaysian football. Thus, the glitters will be kept shining to the quality of our football nation till the end. ( 695 words )


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