Malaria in Nigeria Essay

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Malaria in Nigeria

Malaria is one of the devastating cases in the world, It has become a major problem because its spreading in 109 countries. Almost 90% of malaria death comes from Africa, around 66% of the people’s lives are in high risk. So in total, less than 15% of the global total malaria deaths occur in Asia and Eastern Europe. (author)

Why is malaria dangerous?

Malaria in humans is caused by many types of parasites but the most dangerous and the one that causes 90% of deaths around the world from malaria is plasmodium falciparum. This parasite is the most dangerous one because it affects the behavior of the red blood cells, Red blood cells get infected by the parasite and become sticky and it becomes impossible to pass through our body organs so they get stuck. This can result to further complications. When this happens inside the brain, it results to coma or even death. (Q&A)

How do people in Nigeria try to prevent malaria?

There isn’t any cure for malaria yet, it can only be prevented

In my own opinion, I think malaria could be prevented by distributing treated bed nets, treating water drinking it, avoiding stagnant water.

Malaria prevention is crucial as malaria can be fatal. Prevention is better than cure and involves killing the mosquitos and also repelling them. Prophylactic drugs; Several drugs, most of which are used for treatment of malaria, can be taken preventively. Generally, these drugs are taken daily or weekly, at a lower dose than would be used for treatment of a person who had actually contracted the disease. Use of prophylactic drugs is seldom practical for full time residents of malaria-endemic areas. Prevention of malaria involves protecting yourself against mosquito bites and taking ant malarial medicines. But public health officials strongly recommend that children and pregnant women avoid going to areas where malaria is common. (WebMD) Malaria is a serious disease, which in the worst case may be fatal. Its widespread in tropical and subtropical areas.

Some ways which malaria can be prevented

* Avoid mosquito bites; mosquitoes bite particularly at twilight and at night, so you should take most precautions at this time. Spray your room with an insecticide before to kill any mosquitoes that has go inside during the day. Otherwise use a mosquito net around your bed, impregnated with an insecticide such as pyrethrum. * Long trousers, long sleeve clothing and socks thick enough to stop the mosquitoes biting will also protect you and should be worn outside after sunset but it may be hard to follow such advice in hot climate. Light colors are less attractive to mosquitoes Preventive medicines should be given to breastfed, as well as bottlefed, babies because they’re not protected by the mother’s medicine passing into the breast milk. Its important to check with your pharmacist or doctor regarding the correct doses for children aged 12 years or under.

Pregnant women are discouraged by the WHO from travelling to malria regions whre there’s cloroquine-resistant falcipaium malaria because malaria increases the risk of abortion, premature birth , still birth and maternal death. Just as for children an extra effort should be made to protect your self from mosquito and malaria if you’re obliged to travel. (nil) Insecticide-treated bed nets may be low-tech, but they are a highly effective way to prevent the spread of malaria. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, widespread use of treated bed nets has been shown to reduce transmission of the disease by about 90 percent. But the nets—which cost several dollars each—may be difficult to come by or too costly for those who need them most. Reapplication of pyrethroid insecticide at the recommended intervals of 6 to 12 months can also pose problems with older nets.

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